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Throat Punch Thursday ~ Mama’s Got the Flu Edition

by Deborah Cruz

Throat Punch Thursday~the flu,mom, parenthood

This Throat Punch brought to you by the FLU

Mama’s got the flu~ Unfortunately, today I am feeling way to ill to write my Throat Punch Thursday. The girls have been sick now for going on 3 weeks, previous to that, I had a sinus infection and it appears that the sickness has come around from behind and sucker punched me..just in time for the holidays. I’m not sure exactly what I have, but I suspect that it may be the flu. I woke up this morning with the cold sweats, a sick stomach and a headache. I basically woke up feeling as if I were in the end stages of death. Not pretty. I’m calling it the flu. Maybe it’s exhaustion coupled with something viral, maybe that nasty sinus infection is taking a new approach or maybe it’s the bubonic plague but I’ve not seen any large rats in the house so I’ m sticking with the flu. I hope you will forgive me for punking out on Throat Punch Thursday but I will still have the linky open and welcome all of you to link up. I can still read . I don’t feel much like thinking because at this point it makes my head hurt but I can read and leave comments. I can’t promise they will be coherent because of the fever and medicine. Hell, who am I kidding, I can’t guarantee they’ll be coherent on a good day with my damn six degrees of separation thing I’ve got going on but I’ll try!

I fought the Flu but the Flu won

I really wish I could muster the energy to be witty and snarkalicious about the CNN news today but I’ll leave the end of the Iraq war, Lindsey Lohan, the reasoning for the acquittal of Amanda Knox, the golden globes, the potential presidential candidates and apparently, the shocking news that Matthew McConaughey is currently bald ( who knew? who cares?) and all the rest of the world’s dumbest criminals! Have fun. Throat punch somebody this holiday season. You know you want to! All the frustration of holiday stress, this will help to relieve it!

All you have to do to link up is write a post about a situation,something or someone that you think is worthy of a throat punch. Honestly, it’s not that hard and once you start thinking about it…you’ll have more than enough worthy recipients! Then you go up here to the “buttons” tab on my blog, grab yourself a Throat Punch Thursday button and put it in your post. Then you link up. Then me & anyone who reads my blog comes and checks you out. I’ve learned from experience, the more outlandish the title..the more curious readers are, so go for broke and give me your crazy Throat Punch titles.  OK, I’m getting dizzy. I’ve got to climb back into bed.  One last thing, come back tomorrow..it’s fashion haul Friday and I am giving away an awesome $100 gift certificate to one lucky The TRUTH about Motherhood reader. The post is already written, so even if I die of this plague…the Big Guy has been given strict instructions to continue on with the giveaway  and give one of you a prize posthumously on my behalf. I’m a giver even from beyond. Oye, I’m getting delirious.

Throat Punching the Flu on behalf of all You Good People

So link up to Throat Punch Thursday! Do it for the children! Don’t let the flu win!

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Danielle 2011/12/15 - 2:16 pm

So sorry you aren’t feeling well. I suppose it’s good you’re getting it out of the way before Christmas and not ON Christmas! Hope you all feel better SOON!!!

Truthful Mommy 2011/12/15 - 8:26 pm

Thanks sweetie. Hopefully, it is gone by then!:)

Kalley C 2011/12/16 - 10:50 pm

So sorry that you’re not feeling well. Actually, well beyond “under the weather” phrase. I would have lost my mind already with 3 weeks of illness in my home. I can’t even take a day before it drives me crazy.

Hope you and everyone get well soon.

Jess 2011/12/17 - 2:17 pm

Feel better quickly!


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