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10-year-old Girl gives birth

Throat Punch Thursday~ 10-year-old Girl gives Birth Edition

by Deborah Cruz

Throat Punch Thursday,10-year-old Girl gives birth, Colombia

10-year-old Girl Gives Birth, say what?

What is the world coming to when a 10-year-old girl gives birth? Where have all the adults gone in this scenario? Why was no one taking care of this little 10-year old-girl? She is supposed to be playing with baby dolls, hanging out with friends and awaiting puberty. A 10-year -old girl should not be giving birth to a baby; she is practically a baby herself. There are so many deserving recipients of  today’s Throat Punch Thursday but I was particularly taken aback by this story, probably because I have daughters of my own.
10-year-old Girl gives birth

The headline, “10-year-old Girl Gives Birth in Colombia” is one that begs to be read and further investigated. According to Primer Impacto, a 10-year old girl who lives in Colombia, reportedly arrived at a hospital in the past week bleeding and in a great pain.This visit to the emergency room was her first prenatal care visit. The baby, which was full-term, required a Caesarean section in the birth, doctors told Primer Impacto. Perhaps this was because she is a child and her pelvic area is still growing not meant to be large enough to pass a baby through her vaginal canal, like a grown woman’s might be. Doctors said that she did barely understood what was happening in the moment she was giving birth. The baby was born a 5 pound 6 ounce baby girl that was 14.5 inches long. The mother ,herself, is only 4 foot 7 inches tall. It scares me even more that the baby was a girl because what does that mean? Perhaps, in 10 more years, we will read about her  giving birth or worse, maybe by then it will not be shocking but expected for children to be having sex and giving birth.

The 10-year-old who gave birth is a member of the Wayuu tribe, an indigenous group in the La Guajira Peninsula in northern Colombia and Venezuela, which reports say has kept quiet about the pregnancy and about the identity of the baby’s father.

Colombian authorities told Primer Impacto that they are considering various ways to address the girl’s pregnancy, and any charges against the father.

Authorities said that the tribe follows its own laws, and that law enforcement and elected officials are trying to balance how to handle whomever impregnated the girl with showing respect for the tribe’s sovereignty.

Respect for the tribe’s sovereignty? Where was the respect for this child and her innocence? Where was the respect for her body? Where was the respect for her childhood? Screw the tribe’s sovereignty, apparently they can’t keep their monsters on leashes.

10-year-old Girl gives birth, no one protected her

My throat punch does not go to a 10-year-old girl who gives birth.My Throat Punch goes to the very much deserving 15-year-old animal who had sex with a child and got her pregnant. It goes to the parents who did not keep close enough watch over their baby girl or protect her from the monsters of the world. My throat punch goes to the Wayuu tribe who have protected the identity of the animal who raped this child and impregnated her and who have decided that it was consensual sex. How can a child give consent on something she does not even understand? WTF? It also goes to the Wayuu tribe who probably will not prosecute this man. A hefty throat Punch also goes to our society who tries to rationalize co-ed sleepovers, children having sex at 11 and 12 years old,  kids thinking that oral sex is not sex and therefore its fine to do,  and giving condoms to elementary school aged children. If I hear one more lazy parent tell me that we need to provide children with condoms so that they don’t get STD’s or worse, get pregnant ( because lazy parents certainly don’t want to be bothered or burdened with grand kids) I just might scream. We need to protect our children, we need to talk to our children, we need to parent our children! **I am not talking to you parents who do it all right and explain sex, birth control and the consequences. I know there is only so much that we can do. We teach them but we can not be with them 24 hours a day. We have to parent and keep an open dialogue. If they don’t listen or heed our parenting, that is something different entirely. I’m talking about the parents who bypass the hard part of long talks and aggravation and go straight for passing out condoms.

Why do we need to accept this as status quo? Why do we just need to let this happen? Giving condoms? You are helping it happen. Being too lazy to parent your children? You are helping this happen. I’m here to tell you that kids having sex at 11 and 12 is not normal. Teach your kids to have some control. Teach your kids some consequences. Parent your kids and teach them some morals. Protect your kids from the pedophiles and perverts that lurk. Teach your children that if someone tried to have sex with them when they are children, there is something wrong with that person…not that child. Let them know they can talk to you. We have to take responsibility for the state of our society. We are not helping our children by teaching them that it’s fine to be sexually active as long as they wear a condom. That is teaching them that they can do anything they want without consequence.

This little girl is just a product of our society. She is a child who was taken advantage of and not protected, when she should have been. The problem is not 10-year-old girls giving birth. The problem is animals allowing 10-year-olds to be objectified sexually and other animals acting upon that objectification.

Hope you will link up your Throat Punch Thursday posts with me. I wanted to extend a personal invite to all of you to link up any posts in which you air a grievance, call out any asshatery,or just dole out a well deserved throat punch to one of societies shortcomings or political douche canoes. If not this week, I do it EVERY single Thursday and would love for any or all of you to join in! All you have to do is grab the Throat Punch Thursday button ( listed under the “about” tab at the top of the page), put it in your blog post and link up!

What do you think about a 10-year-old girl gives birth?

10-year-old Girl gives Birth, not the first or the last


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Coffee Lovin' Mom 2012/04/12 - 1:36 pm

We do need to parent our children…so many parents make the mistake of trying to be their kid’s friend. This story makes me sick – they need more than a throat punch to knock some sense into them!

Cindi 2012/04/13 - 9:16 am

I was sickened by this story too. Kind of speechless. 🙁

Andrea 2012/04/13 - 1:12 pm

This is so sad and heart breaking. I agree completely with what you said in your article. Maybe I was naive but at 10 I didn’t know what sex was, which makes me wonder why schools are passing out condons to kids this age? It seems more like encouragement to have sex rather than discouragement. Sad, so very sad!

Corey Feldman 2012/04/14 - 1:20 pm

The whole thing is disgusting. I can’t say I know when the right age to give out condoms are, but I do know I had sex too young and am glad I had access to and knowledge of condoms.

Liz 2012/04/16 - 9:13 am

So sad for girl. At her young age she’s should still schooling and playing with her friends. Hope she had a brighter future and her child too.

lariane 2012/04/17 - 4:46 am

The girl needs a proper comfort and guidance. Even though she had a child but still she had a chance to have a good future.

Anonymous 2012/04/19 - 4:11 pm

This is not really surprising. There is so much corruption in society today. How many “adults” have kids and then kill them? This is the just like a smaller version of that except the child was kept,( seems more responsible than many bigger people out there).
On the news you see countless cases of rapes and prostitution, and now there is definitely more child porn associated crimes.

I feel this type of thing has been happening for the longest while, but now it’s just going mainstream.

Sandra92 2012/04/21 - 6:00 am

When i read the story I was worried at that age she gave birth. We need to protect our children to prevent this situation to happened.

krystle 2012/04/21 - 9:15 pm

That is just crazy! She is just a kid and should not be having one. She still has so much to learn. I hope she has a lot of support.

Jane Green 2012/04/25 - 4:42 am

Parents need to be close to their children to avoid such instances. I feel sorry for that girl and hope that she will be given proper guidance and counselling.

ADA IBEODO ABIA STATE 2012/04/26 - 6:41 am

It. Sound some how for a girl of 10 yrs to got pregnant. Men this world is coming to an end.

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