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The Big Guy is the sole male in our house, unless you count the Guinea Pig, Ted Koppel, but we don’t. My husband has learned to love pink and embrace all things fluffy and sweet; well, mostly. He is still a man after all and he is trying really hard to carve out a little space in our home that is just his; untouched by the hue of pink or the sweet smell of femininity. He’s insisted in turning our back office into a man cave; his very own den of masculine iniquity.

Though I don’t know how much actual impropriety is taking place in the back room of our house, I think it’s mostly smoking cigars or vaping e-liquid australia, playing video games and drinking good scotch on the rocks. He enjoys it, when he has a few free moments, which are few and far between. I think it takes him back to his carefree days of college; before kids, mortgages, car payments and obligations. Sort of the way driving alone with the radio turned all the way up singing explicit lyrics does for me these days.  So, I want his man cave/ bar room to be everything he wants it to be; his own little personal utopia.

Harry's chocolate shop

He wants it to be a replica of Harry’s Chocolate Shop, the college bar where we met.  I am going under the assumption that it’s because he holds a special place in his heart for the place that started it all but it’s probably truer that he fondly associates it with carefree nights of drinking with his housemates and all those warm fuzzy feelings that come from remembering your youth.

His bar room is nearly completely done. It looks like a micro-version of his favorite pub barring one small detail, etched into the mirror above the bar are not the words Harry’s Chocolate Shop. I really want him to have the full effect. It’s the little things that mean so much when creating a space like this so we need the Harry’s Chocolate Shop etched on the mirror. Or do we?

I was recently approached by a company, Signazon, that specializes in professional printing like lettering, decals and stickers; as marketing for businesses and a light bulb went off, order the Big Guy a decal for the mirror that looks like etched glass. Brilliant; problem solved! Never in a million years would I have thought that a random email would allow me to completely finish off the Big Guy’s little piece of man heaven.

Harry's chocolate shop

I plan on ordering that decal for the mirror and I have a feeling that operation man cave will be complete . I’ll keep you posted when it’s all done.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written by me for Signazon. All opinions expressed are my own.

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