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Ever wonder what childhood memories are really made of? I think of lazy summer afternoons at the family cookout or summer grilling at the beach. Growing up we spent a lot of time outdoors together just being kids but life isn’t like that much these days.

Life is busy; filled with obligations and errands. The minutia seeps into our everyday and takes over where awe and inspiration are supposed to reside, like those small moments with our children. I’ve gotten pretty good at recognizing those moments and stopping, breathing and drinking them in; soaking myself in them and sopping them up.

I find these moments in the quiet stillness of a walk to the park holding hands with my youngest on a breezy spring day, or in the laughter of my oldest as we ride our bikes on warm summer afternoons as the shadows of the trees dance on our faces or in the smile of pride I see on my husband’s face when his girls attack a goal like their life depended on it.

Soccer has always been a part of my life. My dad played soccer, I played soccer, my brothers and sisters played soccer, my nieces and nephews play soccer and now my daughters are falling in love with the sport as well. The one similarity between my childhood and my husband’s is the love of soccer.

One of my favorite childhood memories was spending Saturdays at Cal Park in South Chicago playing soccer and my dad refereeing.  Then we’d head to the beach to play and end the afternoon with a family cookout surrounded by family and friends. I can still smell the arracherras cooking on the grill and fresh lime being squeezed into the guacamole.  I can almost taste it. Soccer, food and family have always been a part of my fondest memories. I want my daughters to have these same memories.

Kraft mac n Cheese, Capri Sun, wal-mart

This year my family will be watching the Championship soccer games with my brothers and their families. Screaming “GOOOOOLLLLL” just like we did when we were children, ending the day with good food cooked on the grill. Arracherras, anyone?

Kraft Mac n Cheese, Capri Sun, family cookout, summer grilling


We have little kids so it’s not just about the Arracherras, frijoles, guacamole and rice these days we have to add something for the little ones. My girls love Mexican food but most days they will choose Kraft Mac n Cheese over just about anything, so I headed to my local Wal-Mart and decided to combine them both to kick it up a notch. My littlest one loves spice and heat on everything so I give her what she wants. In case you were wondering if they really like it spicy. See for yourself.

To add heat to the #GolazoKraft Mac n Cheese, julienne and dice up one fresh jalapeño (for less heat remove the membranes and seeds), then I add that to the already prepared Kraft Mac n Cheese (still on the heat).  Mix in a diced clove of garlic and about cup of shredded pepper jack cheese and just to make it super creamy, add ½ cup of heavy cream. Voila creamy, cheesy, spicy mac n cheese as a side dish to spice up any cookout.  The Kids love it and so do the adults. If you need it spicier, you can always add some fire roasted habanero hot sauce.

Kraft Mac n Cheese, Capri Sun, family cookout, summer grilling

Occasionally, as a treat, I let my girls wash it down with a Capri Sun All Natural 100% juice Fruit Punch new formula in the new clear bottom pouch. I’m not a big fan of sugary juices for my girls but when they have it, I prefer something 100% juice.

Kraft mac n Cheese, Capri Sun


What food reminds you of your favorite childhood memories?


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