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Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson looking fierce in black holding dynamite with fire in the background, Rebel Wilson no longer Fat Amy after weight loss

Let me start by saying that I think Rebel Wison is awesome. She is hilarious, gorgeous, brave and in your face. Brave because there is no topic she won’t take on. But still, as a woman, our bodies make us vulnerable and criticism is like kryptonite. No matter how hard you try to ignore the commentary outside of your head, the one inside is always worse. She is by far one of my favorite young comedic actresses. But when I look at photos of her, I see a vulnerability; a quiet simmering beneath the bravado. She’s deep.You have to be deep and have known sadness in your life to be funny, it is a fact. Funny is a coping mechanism; it’s a mask. We all wear it from time to time.

Her Name’s Not Fat Amy, Rebel Wilson on Weight Loss.

Yesterday, I was listening to the radio and the DJs were debating whether or not Australian actress and comedienne, Rebel Wilson should lose weight for money. It is rumored that she is being offered very lucrative deals with weight loss companies to lose weight. They are fighting over her. She’s their white whale; pardon the word choice, because she appears to be so damn comfortable in her own skin. People just can’t understand how a person can be anything other than disgusted by themselves if they are overweight.

I found it peculiar that the DJs thought it was their business to discuss whether or not she should take the deal and even more bizarre that they had an opinion on why she should take the deal. One opinion was to take the money and lose weight because she is fat and unhealthy and obviously your life is better when you are emaciated. The other opinion was to say screw the cash, Rebel should embrace her girth and be a loud and proud curvy girl. Actually, they demanded that she be fat forever. They were quite indignant that she would even consider losing weight. Had she learned NOTHING from Melissa McCarthy. Embrace your curves, girl. They apparently think that she is actually FAT AMY and it wasn’t just a character she played on the big screen.

Rebel Wilson looking fierce surrounded by men in their underwear, Rebel Wilson no longer Fat Amy after weight loss

I am extremely bothered by this because a woman’s weight is not something that should be up for debate or discussion by complete strangers. Just because she is a celebrity doesn’t mean that she completely forfeits her right to privacy. I don’t care if she is too fat or too skinny. Unless it’s your body, keep your damn comments to yourself. No one has the right to pass judgment on your body. You don’t live in her skin. You don’t know her story. Mind your own fucking business. Weight, body size and self-image are all very personal. Do we discuss men’s dick sizes on the radio and whether they should get enlargement surgery or embrace what they were born with? NO, because that would be unsavory and sexist but discussing what a woman should do with her body, her breasts, her uterus are all up for discussion by everyone.

They pointed to Melissa McCarthy as why Rebel Wilson should be proud and obese. Firstly, I don’t think Rebel Wilson is hiding the fact that she is overweight. I believe she has full-on embraced it but does that mean she has to be “Fat Amy” for the rest of her life because that’s what we expect? Hell, no! But that doesn’t mean that she needs to be an anorexic either. And if you want to point to Melissa McCarthy as being the obese actress standard let’s not forget about Chris Farley and John Candy. Yeah, overweight comedians are funny with their self-deprecating humor. It gives the rest of us permission to do the unthinkable and cruel, laugh at someone who is fat. It’s mean and it’s none of our business.

Has Melissa McCarthy ever said straight out that she loves being overweight? I doubt it. There is a difference between accepting yourself for who you are and loving who you are. Being overweight, for most, is a situation that you learn to live with and make the best of. Losing weight is hard and takes a lot of physical hard work, nutritional commitment, mental determination and dedication of time. My point is this, I don’t know Rebel Wilson personally, I think she is beautiful and funny just as she is. Is it my business whether she loses weight or not? No.

Only one person can decide that because it only affects one person’s life directly, Rebel Wilson. If she is truly happy and healthy at the size she is at, why should she take the deal? But if she is unhappy with her weight, this may be the perfect opportunity to get the help she needs to lose the weight and make some money. But losing weight publicly, just like gaining it, also makes you susceptible to the public’s scrutiny. In a perfect world, her weight shouldn’t be up for discussion; no woman should.

Rebel Wilson smiling and looking beautiful in pink cocktail dress , Rebel Wilson no longer Fat Amy after weight loss

I just can’t believe that these DJs were talking about her weight, her health like she was some sort of inanimate object. She is human; she has feelings. She is not just the character Fat Amy. This is a person’s health we are talking about; her life. Can’t we all just mind our own fucking business?


You call yourself Fat Amy?

Yeah, so twig bitches like you don’t do it behind my back!

only someone who’s been overweight understands the double edged cut of this comment. You cut yourself before someone else does but you still die a little on the inside, only its at your own hand.

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