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Monster’s University

Monster's University, Disney

One of my daughter’s favorite Disney features ( aside from princesses, of course) has always been Monster’s, Inc. I think they related to Boo. Makes sense with all the nightmares of chickens and lemurs. Boo was there people. Well, there is a new film in the series, Monster’s University and my girls can not wait to see what Mike, Sully and Boo are up to!

The heartwarming story of two “monsters” Mike Wazowski and his best friend, James P. Sullivan who work as “scarers” at Monsters, Inc. but somehow one night while on duty, a toddler, affectionately known as Boo by Sulley, follows the two back and changes their lives and perspectives on scaring forever.

Mike: “Boo? What’s Boo?”
Sulley: That’s… what I decided to call her. Is there a problem?”
Mike: “Sulley, you’re not supposed to name it. Once you name it, you start getting attached to it. Now put that thing back where it came from or so help me!”

—Mike and Sulley, Monster’s Inc.

Ever since college-bound Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) was a little monster, he has dreamed of becoming a Scarer and everyone knows the best Scarers graduate from Monsters University (MU). Mike is realizing his dream and attending Monsters University when life throws him a curve ball.

Unfortunately for Mike, during his very first semester at MU, his plans go awry when his life becomes entangled with hotshot James P. Sullivan, “Sulley” (John Goodman), a natural-born Scarer. There is nothing more frustrating that trying your best to reach your goal in life and having someone who it comes so easily too as your competition.

Mike finds himself working twice as hard as he ever thought he’d have to.

The pair’s super competitive spirit and accompanying hi-jinks gets them both evicted from the University’s elite Scare Program. To the chagrin of both Mike and Sulley, being evicted from the program was the last thing either had on their minds.

To complicate the situation even more so, they realize they will have to work together, along with a very odd bunch of misfit monsters, if they ever hope of having any chance to get back into the program.

I’m sure the movie is hilariously cute, like Monster’s Inc., and will most likely leave you with a lesson on friendship, working together and a serious case of the warm fuzzies, just like its predecessor.

Disney Pixar’s Monster’s University is directed by Dan Scanlon, who directed Cars, produced by Koi Rae, who produced Up and the Incredibles, and features a score by award-winning composer Randy Newman, who’s scored more films than I can recall, but he did score Monsters,Inc., and even more memorably, the Toy Story series.

There is just something about a giant, hairy blue monster with purple spots that makes you want to cuddle him right up like a giant teddy bear, and Mike Wazowski with his what should be one-eye gouging constant “I told you so” monologue is as endearing as ever.

Monsters University defies logic, so forget what you’ve always been taught about monsters and prepare to fall in love with Mike and Sulley all over again.

The Oscar nominated Monsters, Inc. was originally released in theaters on November 2, 2001. The new film in the series, Monsters University will be in U.S. theaters nearly 12 years after the original Monsters, Inc. making its theatrical debut on June 21, 2013.

If you can’t wait until then, here is a sneak peak.

Photo Source: Disney Pixar

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