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Throat Punch Thursday,kendal jenner, kardashian, ford, harper's bazaar, anorexicKendall Jenner is in the news. The Kardashian’s have jumped the shark and pushed the younger sisters into the fire. Dear sweet baby Jesus what is this world coming to when in one week Kendall Jenner is all over the news for being too skinny and Ford has Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian locked in a trunk dressed like hookers? I can’t even make this shit up. Poor Kendall Jenner and the Kardashian girls just can’t catch a break. Never thought, I’d be typing that sentence but I am, damn it.

Honestly, it’s one thing when a bunch of jealous assholes make fun of Kim Kardashian comparing her to an Orca whale (which I do not approve of ever making fun of a pregnant women, ever, not even a Kardashian) or making fun of Kourtney for procreating with Scott Disick (or not) and I can barely tolerate all the jokes about poor Khloe being the bastard Kardashian, but really people have lost their damn minds lately? Bullying a kid, really?

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