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Melissa Bachman is a huntress, slayer of defenseless animals and seems to enjoy it a little more than most. The Minnesota-based television personality and big-game hunter’s photo of herself posing with an African lion she’d killed in South Africa goes viral just as conservationists warn that the big cats could be gone from the wild in the next decade. 75 percent of the wild lion population has been killed just in the past 20 years and if we don’t stop, the only lions left will be the ones in cages at the zoos.

Lion hunting is not illegal in Africa, so Melissa Bachman, traveled her animal killing for sport happy ass to Africa to hunt and kill one of the world’s most endangered and majestic species, the lion, just because she could. Then there was the awesome photo op because obviously it takes a lot of sport to hunt and kill an unarmed animal. She was smiling so big you would think she won the lottery.

There are only 30,000 lions remaining in the wild, these majestic big cats are vanishing from the African landscape. Habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict are the main reason, but trophy hunting by assholes like Bachman is responsible for the slaughter of 600 lions each year. Nearly 60 percent of all those slain kings of the jungle are killed for sport and shipped to the United States of America to set in someone’s trophy room. This is able to happen because the U.S. Endangered Species Act does NOT protect the African lion.

Look, I won’t lie, I am against all sport killing and mistreatment of animals in general. Unless you are going to eat the animal and use every usable square inch of the animal for shelter, clothing, food and protection just leave it alone. Honestly, I don’t think you should do it at all unless you are being attacked.

You know what I think? I think if you are only hunting for sport and not for survival you should be required to fight with a knife not a rifle. Let’s make it a fair fight. Let’s see how sporty you are feeling after you come face to face with a living, breathing, pissed off threatened African Lion. If the Lion would have been at her dwelling and stalking her as prey, then yes, shoot him to save yourself or protect your family but don’t just go out and shoot a living being for no purpose other than you can.

I don’t hunt. I don’t believe in guns and I don’t believe in hunting for sport. If I had no option and my kids were starving, I would hunt for survival but never for sport. What kind of monster must you be to take pleasure in killing an animal who is minding his own business, simply existing in his own habitat? It’s like we learned nothing since the Bob Parson’s incident.

Melissa Bachman, African Lion, extinction, africa,

Melissa Bachman you’ve earned yourself a King of the Jungle sized throat punch this week for being most outrageously offensive human being and grinning like a psycho the entire time.

Melissa Bachman

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