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It’s Thursday and that can only mean one thing…THROAT PUNCH THURSDAY! Life has been a little more chaotic than usual around here with the beginning of kindergarten. I have my 5 year old trying to feel her way around and get acclimated. She’s been feeling left out and overwhelmed  at school and I’ve been paying the price. Meanwhile, little sister is ducking to try and stay out of the way of flying tantrums, plus she is not without her own coping mechanisms.To say I have had my hands full is a grand understatement. Imagine my frustration when my 5 year old comes home and nonchalantly drops this bomb on me, “Mommy, my capris are not uniform dress code.” Me: “What? What are you talking about honey? I read the list , they are fine.” Bella:”No Mommy, in class the teacher made me and another kid stand up in front of the class and she said “THIS” is not dress code.” Me:(in my head) WTF????? Did she just say she was on her kindergarten class version of what not to wear? You know the show where you are tried and convicted of fashion crimes? I calmed myself and thought, Breathe Debi.Wait for the note about the capris that will surely be sent home if they are not dress code appropriate. But that note never came. Shouldn’t there be a note? I mean if it is serious enough to point it out to the entire class, doesn’t it at least warrant a note? Or what, is my daughter supposed to wear them again and have a recurring role on What not to wear?
I emailed the culprit of such a heinous crime. I am waiting to hear her side before passing my final judgment. But in my mind, until I hear further, this is complete bullshit. My girl is already overwhelmed and feeling distraught about kindergarten, how the eff can theoretically pointing to her and laughing possibly make that situation better? I am pretty much pissed off to the extreme. It’s hard enough letting go. Add to that the fact that now I don’t feel like she is in capable hands and its that much harder. I met the transgressor, she seemed very nice and has been doing this for 15-20 years. This is no rookie. I don’t let anyone, not ANY ONE, mistreat my child or make them feel like less than they are. I will go to blows with anyone who tries. Thats pretty normal right? I mean isn’t that my job? Protector of the universe and defender of my children? I’m hoping something got lost in translation. I am fully aware that quite frequently 5 year olds tend to turn a simple notice into a meandering game of Chinese telephone. If I’m wrong in what I think has transpired, I am not to proud to apologize. But if a transgression has transpired, the offender has been put on notice. She now knows that my girl has an advocate who is paying attention.
Theoretical Throat Punch is most definitely being awarded to the person who did not use her common sense. You can’t use someone’s child as your own personal bad example…next time keep your thoughts to yourself and send me a damn note.I mean, what the hell can my kid do about it? She’s 5, she doesn’t dress herself. How in hell is my girl ever supposed to feel at ease if she is being called out for a damn button on her capris? Seriously, its not even a violation of dress code and if it were, it should have never have been pointed out to her in front of the entire rest of the class. Only my good sense and a Godly heart have convinced me to give her the benefit of the doubt.That same benefit is saving people from a literal throat punch.As a side note, just one more piece of ammunition for my girl to add to her arsenal of reasons why Kindergarten is suck! Come on people, you are not making it easy for me to convince little people that good things are waiting at school. Seriously. WTF?

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amanda nabers

Throat Punch Thursday~Love thy Nabers Edition, Amanda Nabers,San Antonio

Amanda Nabers, shame on you!

This week, Amanda Nabers wins the prize for most obscenely negligent and deviant mother . Originally, this week’s Throat Punch Thursday was going to all the crazies boycotting DWTS because of Chaz Bono . But Amanda Nabers actions were a little too heinous to ignore. Who is this Amanda Nabers of which I speak? I’m glad you asked. Amanda Nabers is the 25 year old mother from San Antonio who left her children alone in the house while she went down the street to drink alcoholic energy drinks, pop pills and deflower the 13 year old neighbor. Oh,yeah..I said 13. I have no words. I’ve had some pretty shitty moms make a cameo appearance on Throat Punch Thursday but Amanda Nabers ranks pretty high up the shitty Mom food chain, of course she’s no Casey Anthony.

amanda nabers

Amanda Nabers, portrait of a pedophile & crap Mommy

Amanda Nabers has children of her own, remember the 2 little kids she left at home unsupervised while she went next door to get her freak on? As a mother she should have considered that the 13 year old neighbor was someone’s child. Ok aside from the obvious, what the hell was she thinking leaving her kids home alone while she went to get her sex on? Why? Why would a grown woman leave anywhere, at anytime to go have intercourse with a 13 year old? My only logical conclusion is that she is either completely insane or a total pedophile. Surely, there is no enjoyment that can be gained from a woman sleeping with an inexperienced child.

How did this even begin? “Hi, Mrs. Nabers, I’m selling chocolate for my school fundraiser, Would you like to buy one?” Amanda Nabers, “Come in little boy,Mama needs some sugar…”  I can’t even wrap my brain around this level of sickness. I don’t know the age of her children, because it was not disclosed, but seriously, who can just turn off their Mommy senses to check out and leave the kids unsupervised to have sex? How is that even possible. I was in Chicago last year and I swear I heard my daughter call out for me in the middle of the night, from 60 miles away. Let’s be honest, when my kids are asleep, I’m not plotting elicit trysts with teen boys. I’m planning on sneaking in naps…alone, sideways in my bed. Hell, I wish I could just turn off the Mommy spidey senses for a few minutes a day. But it’s like a super power that we acquire at the moment of giving birth. I could never do what Ms.Nabers has done. Aside from the fact that I prefer my men to be completely through puberty and my children to be safely in their rooms and closely supervised by a monitor ( so I can hear when they are sidling upon us), I can’t figure out what makes a Mom’s mind jump from..”Oh, little Johnny’s such a cute kid” to ” Oooh, Johnny’s hot. I want me some of that!” Hello, Mrs. Robinson, the pedophile police are looking for you.

Ms. Nabers confessed to the sexually deviant behavior but maintains that her children were never in any real danger. Sure, tell that to the Boogie Man. Oh wait…that’s you, Ms. Nabers. Apparently, the rendezvous’ took place several times over a 6 month time period. Thankfully DCFS has entered the equation and removed the children from the house. Whew, no more pesky kids around to cause guilt over or interfere with Ms. Nabers getting her groove on. My question is where the hell were little Johnny’s parents? Did this kid not go to school? Were his parents never home? Did they not care? What the hell was going on here? A little too much free range parenting and not enough helicoptering, all the way around.

Amanda Nabers is being held on $50,000 bail but I personally think she should be between with a wet sock full of pennies and then be locked in a room full of tantruming 3 year olds for an indiscriminate amount of time until she was fully cured of her bad parenting and pedophile ways. Throat Punch to you, Amanda Nabers, you are the Biggest Loser.

Amanda Nabers, Throat Punch Thursday

Amanda Nabers, No Soup for You!

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Throat Punch Thursday~LIar,Liar Weiner on Fire,congressman Weiner, scandal,video,women, sexting

Throat Punch Thursday~Liar,Liar Anthony Weiner on Fire, republicans,democrats,congressman, anthony weiner,new york,photo, twitter,scandal,sexting

Throat Punch Thursday~Liar,Liar Anthony Weiner on fire

Well, we all knew it was coming. Look, Truthful Mommy is by no means a prude, I think that’s been proven time and time again BUT this whole Weinergate situation has had me longing for the Clinton/Lewinski scandal. It’s become painstakingly obvious that to be in politics you have to be a adulterer or some other sort of sexual deviant. Not that I give a rats ass what anyone does besides closed doors between two consenting adults, but for the love of God, can you politicians please not use Twitter as your own personal sextual playground?

Seriously,we’ve all been to #wineparty and got a little tipsy and possibly said something flirtatious, but we’re not politicians and we’re not usually tweeting indecent photos of our Weiner to ignite a scandal. Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner has exercised some poor judgement of epic proportions. It’s not that you want to get your freak on congressman, it’s that you don’t have the good sense to not leave a social media trail. And now your newlywed wife is pregnant? Jeez is there a special secret club that only allows politicians who screw around on their wives while their wives are pregnant or have small children? Is there a special prize for doing such a scandalous thing?

(CNN) — Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York will heed calls from across the political spectrum and resign over a sexting scandal that he lied about before admitting his involvement, a Democratic source with knowledge of the congressman’s plans said Thursday.How exactly do you lie about this?
That’s not me nor is that my Weiner! I protest. Your eyes have betrayed you good people of the United States.”

*Representative Anthony D. Weiner, a high-profile New York Democrat who had been considered a leading candidate to be the city’s next mayor, said Thursday that he was resigning from Congress following revelations of lewd online exchanges with several women.

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Throat Punch Thursday~LIar,Liar Weiner on Fire,congressman Weiner, scandal,video,women, sexting

Photo Chang W.Lee

“I’m here to apologize for the personal mistakes I have made and the embarrassment that I have caused,” Mr. Weiner said, adding that he had hoped to be able to continue serving his constituents. “Unfortunately,” he said, “the distraction I created has made that impossible.” So, he’s not sincerely apologizing for the ordeal but more for the fact that he got caught and it’s messing up his life.Understandable, but not admirable.

Mr. Weiner announced his resignation in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, at a senior center where he announced his first campaign for City Council in 1991. But while that moment was filled with promise and excitement, his resignation occurred in a raucous and circuslike atmosphere, punctuated by shouting from a group of hecklers. This couldn’t have been a surprise to him. It’s not like he was a victim. He perpetrated lewd behavior and his constituents are disappointed and worse, he lied. They are hurt and angry that he lied on top of everything else.

Mr. Weiner tried to deliver his brief statement in a restrained manner, but struggled to be heard above the din of the hecklers, some of whom shouted vulgarities and one of whom called him a “pervert.” I feel sorry for his wife. How embarrassing it must be to stand by a man who lied and cheated, not only to you (while you were carrying his child) but to the people who put him in office.

Throat Punch, Chuck Norris, Thursday, Greg Fultz

I don’t necessarily think it’s any of my business what Mr.Weiner does when on Twitter with strange women, that’s between himself, his wife and God. On the other hand, cheating on a pregnant wife ( thought, deed, or action)  is pretty  damn despicable. But LYING, I have no tolerance for liars. For that, my friend, you get yourself a quick swift Chuck Norris kick to the Weiner! That’s what You get for …

Throat Punch Thursday~Liar,Liar Anthony Weiner on fire

Throat Punch Thursday~LIar,Liar Weiner on Fire,congressman Weiner, scandal,video,women, sexting


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westboro baptist church, boston marathon bombing, throat punch thursday

Throat Punch Thursday,westboro baptist church, boston marathon bombingsThe Westboro Baptist Church has, not surprisingly earned this week’s Throat Punch. On Monday, shortly after the explosions in Boston when death and mayhem were permeating the atmosphere as victims were still fighting for their lives, Westboro Baptist Church vowed to protest the funerals of those who were killed in the bombings at the Boston Marathon. I’m not worried, I am sure that the good samaritans of Boston will form a human wall of protection just like they did for the Newtown Funerals.

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Throat punch Thursday

Throat Punch Thursday,Korda Bailey This week’s Throat Punch Thursday goes to the still at large Georgia asshole in DeKalb county who pulled up behind a Mom,Tammitha Williams, who was driving a minivan with her four children inside. The family was stopped at a red light, when the light turned green and Tammitha didn’t pull forward immediately because she was probably doling out sippy cup, changing DVDs, or perhaps Heimliching someone from choking on Cheerios the driver behind her became impatient and honked his horn.

In turn, annoyed and busy, she honked back.Little did she know what the ramifications of this act of reciprocity would evolve into. Immediately thereafter, the driver of the car behind her began to tailgate her and then gunfire erupted, ending with a stray bullet hitting her four- year- old, Korda Bailey in the rear. That gives a whole new meaning to busting a cap in someone’s ass, don’t you agree?

Korda was treated and released from the hospital but the gun wielding rageaholic is still at large. Attention, all Mommy’s in minivans please keep in mind that while you are doing all that you can to survive the ride to kindergarten drop off  while your twin teenage girls simultaneously tell you how stupid you are while smacking their gum and texting their friends as the newborn wails with colic and exhaustion, the crazy behind you may be having a bad day with a side of firearms. Safe travels my friends.

This week’s Throat Punch most deservedly goes to the asshole who shoots at minivans full of children and busts a cap in little kids asses. You, my still at large rageaholic, deserve to have your ass beaten like the horn honking sonofabitch that you are. Hey dumb ass, don’t you know that honking horns wake sleeping babies? I think perhaps Mama should have jumped out of her minivan and took a Louisville slugger to your head.


I’d love to hear who deserves your Throat Punch, if you’d like to share your post; add the button to your post ( found under the “buttons” tab) and leave me a comment so I can stop by and read your post.

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kendall jenner, kim kardashian, kourtney kardashian, khloe kardashian, ford, harper's bazaar

Throat Punch Thursday,kendal jenner, kardashian, ford, harper's bazaar, anorexicKendall Jenner is in the news. The Kardashian’s have jumped the shark and pushed the younger sisters into the fire. Dear sweet baby Jesus what is this world coming to when in one week Kendall Jenner is all over the news for being too skinny and Ford has Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian locked in a trunk dressed like hookers? I can’t even make this shit up. Poor Kendall Jenner and the Kardashian girls just can’t catch a break. Never thought, I’d be typing that sentence but I am, damn it.

Honestly, it’s one thing when a bunch of jealous assholes make fun of Kim Kardashian comparing her to an Orca whale (which I do not approve of ever making fun of a pregnant women, ever, not even a Kardashian) or making fun of Kourtney for procreating with Scott Disick (or not) and I can barely tolerate all the jokes about poor Khloe being the bastard Kardashian, but really people have lost their damn minds lately? Bullying a kid, really?

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mommy business trips, conferences, throat punch thursday

Throat Punch Thursday,wall street journal, mommy business tripsSo, I read this Wall Street Journal article this morning about “Mommy Business Trip” basically mocking moms who go to conferences because mommies don’t work, right? I will put you out of your misery now and tell you that the deserving recipient of today’s throat punch is the woman, Katherine Rosman, who wrote this article.

The jist of the article is that moms go to conferences and conventions just so they can guilt-free ( as if there is such a damn thing) jet off and leave their “responsibilities” i.e kids and husband to have a girls weekend because what could we moms possibly need “business trips” for?

I don’t know about you but I am the hardest working mommy I know. I clean my house, I cook meals, I fold the fucking laundry, I’m room mother for both classes, I run my kids to all of their classes, school functions and occasions plus I work from home full-time and I am the mother fucking bomb.com. I work and then I work some more and I have the bags under my eyes and fatigue to prove it. I don’t need an excuse to get away. I need an insane asylum for not doing it sooner.

I have not been to any conferences yet because of this very mentality. I can’t leave my family because then what kind of “mom” would I be? What will people think? I’ll tell you what kind of mom I would be…a human one. Man cannot live on bread alone and Moms cannot live on wiping snotty noses, folding laundry and wiping asses alone. It’s lonely at the top and we need a break. And to be fair, I hear a lot of moms bring their kids with them! Yeah, loads of partying goes on when you have a wee one suckling from your teet.

Okay, so I went on my first overnight without my family in January. My oldest is 8, I’ve not been alone in 8 years. 8. YEARS!! Is that even natural? And no, I don’t get to be alone when I shower or pee. I am chaperoned by little people at all hours of the day and night. NO, I don’t even get to sleep without tiny feet kicking me in the back or headbutting me in the face.

I am going to two conferences this year and leaving on my second Press trip in a couple of weeks, during the busiest month of the year for me. I have a daughter getting her first communion, a daughter turning 6, a husband celebrating his 38th birthday, a 14th wedding anniversary to celebrate, Mother’s day, end of the year ballet performances, end of the year violin recitals, the annual neighborhood garage sale, not to mention all of my household chores and my work obligations. I have a lot of shit to get done. Why am I going on this press trip? Because I need some fucking sleep and to talk to adults and maybe, more likely, it will be beneficial to my career in some small way.

mommy business trip, wall street journal, Katherine Rosman

I will go to the conferences this year to further my career, to reactivate my brain cells, to make some connections, to better myself and to let my husband have some alone time with our girls. He is just as capable and a lot more patient than me and a better cook and a whole lot more fun. I am going to kick my blog up a notch and yes, to meet some of the wonderful women who I have been friends with for years online. You know, the women who sent my children books to help them through the loss of their beloved dog, the women who cried with me and sent me their condolences when I miscarried last May, the same women who have helped me to learn and grow as a mother and a writer, in my life and in my career; my friends. Is it so wrong that I look forward to seeing them while attending a conference for my work?

I don’t think it’s an excuse to act like an asshole, get drunk and pretend I am single but I also don’t think that I should be punished for choosing to have a family. Why should I be a shut in and not be able to have a career and be with me kids too? Motherhood is not a prison sentence and we are not being punished, we are not on lock down so if we can afford it and our husbands are okay with it, what’s the fucking problem with women ( who happen to have children) attending conferences to better themselves and their careers? I’m sick of these self-imposed guilt trips we adhere to and I am especially sickened when another woman is the chauvinist pig by whose pen the blow is delivered.

The writer of the piece Katherine Rosman, well, I wonder if she’s ever spent any actual time at home with children? My guess is that only a person who has never spent years loving a child and giving their everything to keep them safe and alive and thriving could speak about moms going to blogging conferences or conventions of any sort with such disdain. Dad’s go to conferences and business trips and yes, even guys trips and that is perfectly acceptable but the moment a woman does the same thing, it must be under the guise of some convoluted excuse to escape her family.

Shame on you Ms. Rosman for throwing your sex under the bus for a headline. You receive a well-deserved throat punch. I hope it was worth it to mock moms and make them feel like failures for being human.

What do you think of moms attending conferences and conventions? Are they JUST an excuse to get away from their families and life or are they actually trying to learn something, grow themselves, become better? What do you think of “Mommy Business Trips”?


Photo: WSJ

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Throat Punch Thursday,fcatherine schaible, herbert schaible, faith healing, fundamentalist christian,PhiladelphiaDid you know that a wireless baby monitor could be hacked? Did you use audio monitors when your children were babies? I did. In fact, I couldn’t have slept at all in the past 8 years without mine; sleeping in the same room was getting old. Now, video monitors and wireless cams are all the rage, the norm even, in baby monitoring. Technology has come so far, why wouldn’t we take advantage of the opportunity to go wireless and high-tech? Well, here is the reason and it might have you completely freaked the fuck out.

Talk about creepy and Throat Punch worthy, some freak hacked an Internet-based wireless video baby monitor of a young family with two small children in Houston. In the last two years, Marc Gilbert and his wife, Lauren, have come to depend on their Internet-based video monitors to watch over their two toddlers when they are in their bedrooms but over last weekend someone else was watching the little girls in their rooms too. This is truly the shit all parents’ nightmares are made of.

Marc Gilbert says he and his wife heard a detached voiced saying sexual things to their two-year-old daughter and it was coming from her room. What the ….????

The couple, like most, have come so dependent on the monitors that they feel like they can’t live without it but they may have changed their mind after what happened. I would imagine it would leave you feeling vulnerable and exposed; unsafe in your own home.

“It felt like somebody broke into our house,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert says he heard a voice in his daughter’s room from down the hall. As he and his wife got closer, what was being said got more explicit and more vulgar. Can you imagine hearing a man’s voice with a British accent coming from within your toddler girl’s bedroom, knowing damn well that no one should be in there and definitely not a Brit with an X-rated vocabulary shouting obscenities at your baby!

“The voice said, ‘Wake up Allyson, you little (expletive),'” Gilbert said.

And he knew it was coming from the camera. CREEPY! Worse still, when he walked in the room the camera followed him, obviously controlled by the pedophile pervert who snuck into his toddler’s bedroom via the camera and was harassing his daughter.

wireless video monitor, wireless monitor hacked

Gilbert immediately pulled the plug on the camera and started doing research. I personally would have ripped that sucker out of the wall and moved. Oddly enough, he did NOT call the police. He believes someone hacked his router and the camera. The assumption by Marc Gilbert is that the person could see Allyson’s name on the bedroom wall and that’s how he called her by her name. Myself, I would be paranoid that the freak knows where we live; where we go and has maybe even been in proximity of the house and the child.

The only saving grace is that Allyson never heard a thing. She was born deaf. She has cochlear implants but has them off at night and slept through the whole disgusting ordeal.

I don’t know about you but the whole idea of wireless Internet cameras has left a bad taste in my mouth after this story. We have daughters and were thinking of installing wireless cameras in the house as a security measure but hell; this makes it sound more like a liability. Instead of protecting our children from outside intruders, these wireless cameras are an open window for any pedophile with basic hacking knowledge. Secure your networks as much as you can; your children’s lives may depend on it.

So this weeks Throat Punch goes to the creepy ass Brit pedophile who was verbally abusing a deaf toddler.

Do you use a wireless video monitor? Does this make you reconsider knowing this wireless video monitor was hacked?

Now, that I have sufficiently scared you to death. Here is something to make you smile!

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Trayvon Martin, George ZImmerman, Racism, Bigotry

Throat Punch Thursday,Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, Sanford Florida

Trayvon Martin this one’s for you

This week’s Throat Punch is being given out in honor of Trayvon Martin. As a mother, my heart aches for Trayvon Martin’s parents. As a human, I am outraged. As a minority, I am fighting mad. This week’s Throat Punch is awarded to George Zimmerman the vigilante bigot who thought it was appropriate to shoot a boy in cold blood for the simple fact that the color of his skin was brown. I know that bigots are afraid of anyone different, especially when the packaging is a darker shade or two than their own skin. This is not the first time this has happened nor do I suspect this will be the last.

Trayvon Martin, George ZImmerman, Racism, Bigotry

Trayvon Martin was a Good Kid

Trayvon Martin, from all accounts, was a good kid who happened to come across a not so good adult with a trigger happy finger. I can’t imagine the pain and anger that Trayvon Martin’s parents feel at the death of their son nor do I ever want to know it. Isn’t every parent’s biggest fear that their child is going to come into harms way? A rogue drunken driver, a stray bullet, a crazed assailant, cancer, abduction, stranger danger, choking on a raisin, getting hit by a car, wrecking while texting? There are so many ways that we worry about our children getting into harms way, every day.  We don’t expect simply walking home from the store to be a particularly dangerous scenario. Walking home from the store should not be deadly, should it?

What is this world coming to that we can tolerate this sort of behavior? How can we stomach it as a people? Zimmerman says that it was self- defense. Evidence proves otherwise. Just because he was a racist who felt threatened by the color of a boy’s skin is not a legitimate reason for shooting Trayvon Martin dead and robbing his parents of their son forever. There will never be any little Trayvon Martin’s running to his mother’s lap. She will not see her son graduate from school. She will not get to dance the Mother/ son dance at Trayvon’s wedding.  She will not get to see the man her son was supposed to become. She will never get to know that man. He will not be there in her old age to hold her hand and comfort her at the end. Now, his parents are left with a giant void in their chest where their heart used to be. The great joy they once knew upon seeing that baby Trayvon  Martin be born has been replaced by pain and hatred. Hatred for George Zimmerman.

Nothing can make this right. Apparently, the big debate now is whether or not  George Zimmerman used a racial slur when addressing Trayvon Martin. Truly, the fact remains, whether he used a slur or not, that he is a bigot and shot Trayvon Martin in cold blood for no other reason that he felt threatened. Zimmerman was threatened for the simple fact that he had a predisposed notion to feel afraid of black men. This is racism, whether there is a slur attached or not. The sentiment is the same. The result the same. Trayvon Martin is still dead.

Trayvon Martin may you Rest in Peace


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Throat Punch Thursday~Spokeo: Leading Stalkers to your doorstep since 2006

Today’s Throat Punch came to me via a friend on Twitter and boy is it worthy of a Throat Punch! Have you heard of Spokeo.com? NO? Well, let me tell you a little bit about Spokeo.com…

What is Spokeo?

Spokeo is a people search engine that organizes vast quantities of white-pages listings, social information, and other people-related data from a large variety of public sources. Our mission is to help people find and connect with others, more easily than ever. I AM CALLING BULLSHIT! Sure it sounds all innocuous and everything but is it? Is it really? Think about what its offering…all of YOUR business fro anybody else to have access to. Scary shit!

Translation: Stalkers Strangers can find out all of your very private information at the push of a button. Can anyone say BIG BROTHER? Sure, this would be effing amazing to find that last missing link that you dated when you were fourteen and the dumb sonofabitch has STILL not gotten a Facebook.Really? How the hell are we supposed to see how fat he has gotten, How bald he looks.Has this man no good sense to oblige us in our one request? Then there are the losers who hate you in the world, want you in the world, want to smell and taste you in the world…or worse, want to be you in the world….and they can be because Spokeo.com makes it that easy!

Throat Punch Thursday~Spokeo: Leading Stalkers to your doorstep since 2006

This has certainly got to be some sort of infringement on our constitutional right to privacy.I don’t want my kids friend’s weird dad knowing where I live and being able to get an actual bird-eye view of my house.VERY creepy. Spokeo.Com You most certainly deserve the Chuck Norris roundhouse kick with a side of monkey toes to strike you blind.Followed by  my own special TruthfulMommy blend of PMS rage,palm to the gullet, shin kick and kick in the ass. Spokeo, simply stated, you suck!! Why not try updating info. Mine is all off. So not only are you being spamming assholes, aiding and abetting criminals and stalkers, you are also guilty of having a sub par project.I believe the term is POS!
NO Soup for you!
Throat Punch, Chuck Norris, Thursday, florida 15 year old boy killedOh yeah, I almost forgot ( well, technically I did..twice) THROAT PUNCH THURSDAY celebrated it’s 1 year anniversary of being in existence. WootWOot! I’m a little concerned that the idea came to me the week between my wedding anniversary and my babies birthday..lol what does that say about me?? HAPPY THROAT PUNCH THURSDAY!!!!!
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