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Throat punch Thursday

Seems like this week, I have two recipients tied for Throat Punch Thursday. Imagine that? The first one comes to us via Kenya, Africa. This is the scene, a couple welcome into the world their new baby boy. To their disappointment he is mentally handicapped. Fast forward 30 years, Thomas ( the baby boy now a man) tied to a bed surrounded by pools of his own urine. Imprisoned like this for the past 30 years by his parents.They have no choice. Angry and fearful neighbors have been chasing the family from village to village because they are afraid that he will attack them. This forces his parents to lock him in a shack, away from the outside world. They have to lock him away to keep him safe from the ignorance of the villagers who find him to be a threat. For now, Thomas’ family feels like they are being punished because they are not allowed to live their life in peace. So, who gets the throat punch you ask? Well, obviously the villagers for being so freaking ignorant and letting preconceived notions rule the world but also Thomas’ mother. Believe me, I understand the feeling of being overwhelmed and exhausted with a situation. I understand she wants a break from her misery. I understand that it’s a lot to ask of a person, even a mother,  but she goes on to say that she has never known joy since she has been married. I got the distinct impression that some harm may befall poor unsuspecting Thomas..and it won’t be at the hands of the villagers. That may be a good alibi but from the video I felt that Thomas’ mother may be on the verge of driving her cow over the edge of a very steep peak with Thomas tethered to it. So, my throat punch has to go to his poor ,exhausted and tired mother. I feel that a hefty kick to the head may be just what is needed to knock some sense into her head!

Next Throat Punch goes to CANCER! You heard me right..Cancer! Poor little toddlers should not be having to deal with brain tumors and cancer. If they are unfortunately inflicted, it is our duty as parents to do whatever it takes to make them as comfortable as possible. We need to improve their quality of life, especially when the quantity may be drastically shortened. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to cure my child or save their life. You remember that movie John Q with Denzel Washington? That’s me..I am of the John Q parenting technique. So, I say, if medicinal marijuana is going to help my child who has been in such pain that they have not eaten for 40 days feel some comfort. You bet your sweet ass, this Mommy is going to administer medicinal marijuana if prescribed by the pediatric oncologist. I’m not saying that I’m going to go out to the seedy part of town and score some ganja on my own but I would certainly do what needs to be done, to help my child. So, cancer and judgmental assholes who have never had to hold their 3 year old down to have a forced spinal tap done to confirm a leukemia diagnosis and think that it is “wrong” or “unethical” to administer a doctor prescribed relief from the torture..THROAT PUNCH to you, right up side your head. I know the concern is the damage to short term memory and killing brain cells and all that but if my child were diagnosed and dying, living on borrowed time…why should it be the government’s choice what my own flesh and blood, fruit of my loins, my heart walking free in the world should have to endure in the name of what is politically correct? In my world, as in most parents, my number one priority is my child. Sometimes it fits the parameters of PC, others maybe not but that’s not my concern. John Q rules! Chuck Norris karate chops to cancer!

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Throat Punch Thursday,Korda Bailey This week, I was torn as to who to give the most deserved Throat Punch but it came down to one thing…I can’t stand a racist or a homophobe. I think you know where I am going with this. This weeks Throat Punch must be bestowed upon Kobe Bryant.It’s apparently not enough that he is an adulterer and alleged rapist, now he wants to be a homophobe. I know people say things in the heat of the moment that they don’t mean or that are taken out of context. But when you are in the public eye, you have to be more vigilant about not letting these things happen. It’s bad enough that you are a big enough asshole to think them, but let’s be a human and keep the mouth shut. I am pretty sure that there is a special place in hell where some day, Kobe Bryant, Mel Gibson and Hitler will be standing around a ring of fire while spouting slurs against mankind.

I’m sure this will be swept under the rug, with the small slap on the wrist of the $100,000 fine. Soon, no one will remember. I mean hell, they’ve already forgiven him of all his other transgressions. I wonder if God has a special absolution rate for professional athletes too? How can people just look the other way? I don’t know. But I do know that I am giving this douche bag a Chuck Norris round house kick to the head with a very strong  junk punch ( since his junk apparently likes to wander and get him into trouble anyways). Maybe after he gets his kick , he can learn to keep his hateful asshole thoughts in his own head. Talk about poor sportsmanship!

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Chicago, Facebook Live, Throat Punch Thursday,Brittany Herring, Hate Crime, Donald Trump

Throat Punch Thursday~when bloggers attack edition, Dooce, heather armstrong, India, Social media,moms, blogging. bloggersThroat Punch Thursday ~ When Bloggers Attack Edition

Yesterday, I caught a tweet between bloggers referring to the Guardian’s article about Heather Armstrong’s ( @Dooce) trip to Bangladesh with Every Mother Counts. Of course, I read the article and to my dismay it was a condescending piece of crap. I have been following Heather’s recount of her trip to Bangladesh on her blog. I have been touched by the photos, moved by her words and called to action by what she saw.

But the Guardian article basically threw bloggers, and Heather Armstrong in particular, under the theoretical bus as being pompous westerners who have no business and no understanding of the situation. We are humans. We have empathy and compassion.  No worries that we need to be warned  “bloggers are firmly discouraged from poking paupers with sticks and asking people to wave their stumps for the cameras”. We may not be rich enough to save the world with our money, nor do we pretend to be but we have a reach. We have followers who listen to what we say and if we can bring a situation that needs attention to the light, what is wrong with that? We are trying to make a difference. We are proactive. Heather Armstrong is being the change she wants to see in the world. She got up off her ass and made the trip to Bangladesh to experience the situation firsthand so that she could give an honest , firsthand experience to the world. Obviously, this all disgusted me. It seemed to hurt and outrage Heather, as was evident on Twitter. I don’t blame her. What joy do journalists get from spewing condescending comments geared towards bloggers like venom? Does it make them feel better about themselves? Do they think it’s funny? So, to the Guardian..oh yeah, and especially you Rowan Davies, you get a Throat Punch for being a completely condescending, not checking your facts asshole.

Throat Punch Thursday ~ When Bloggers Attack Edition


As I was reading Liz at Mom 101 perfectly written and poised post about WHY bloggers share the stories, I was touched by the support and the community we bloggers have with one another, for one another. She touched on how we can make a change in the world and how the world changes us, from a personal perspective. I thought to myself “Thank God, a voice of reason. Retribution and understanding!”

But then the day got even more bizarre. I came in on the middle of a Twitter conversation between Heather Armstrong and Anna Viele ( ABDPBT). I have read both ladies and think they are both good bloggers, in their own right. I’m not going to comment on the conversation because I don’t know all the facts, all I know is that it got really ugly really fast. There was hurtful things said and not really by the two involved, it was more by the people watching it go down and throwing in their two cents. I thought two grown women should be able to handle their own disagreement. I’ve been the one attacked for having the unpopular opinion, so I know how that feels. No BUENO!

I guess my qualm is with the fact that we lost sight of the original issue. We, as bloggers, should have been supportive of one of our own going forth into the world and trying to make the world a better place rather than attacking one another and taking sides about semantics. And if there is a disagreement to be had, have it in the privacy of email or DM. Why do it so publicly? It only stands to humiliate and anger. I understand completely, Heather and Jon taking a stance on the situation, as it was directly pertaining to their lives.  They have every right to defend themselves against insults. But what was all the name calling by people who I am not sure were aware of what the original issue was ( people who were not directly involved int he conversation)…the condescending and nonfactual article by the Guardian! So, again, I am giving ANOTHER Throat Punch to the Guardian for inciting a riot within our blogging community. Can’t we all just get along and spread bloggers peace to the world?

Throat Punch, Chuck Norris,bloggers,Heather Armstrong, DOoce

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Chicago, Facebook Live, Throat Punch Thursday,Brittany Herring, Hate Crime, Donald Trump

This throat punch Thursday is astounding to me. When I watched the video and read the article, I literally was speechless, can honestly say that I wanted to throw up a little bit and I certainly lost a good sense of humanity in people. Or rather I should say, I lost my faith in humanity. Once again, disappointed by the lack of scruples and regard for human life. Are you familiar with this story? Here is the video clip. Judge for yourself.


Seems in Douai , France the men are a little more oblivious than they are in the United States. Apparently, this woman,  Dominique Cottrez, a nurse, has been married to Pierre-Marie Cottrez for approximately 20 + years . They have 2 grown daughters but she has a little secret. She has given birth 10 times, yet there are only 2 daughters. The math doesn’t add up. And her husband has absolutely no knowledge of her ever being pregnant other than the first 2 times. How oblivious must a man be to not notice a pregnant wife. He said she was overweight so it was easy to conceal. I’m gonna have to call bullshit on that one. Maybe once he could use that excuse or if they had never had a pregnancy together, but 2 daughters and 8 pregnancies later. If he didn’t see, it was because he turned a blind eye. No man is that stupid. The secret would have never come to light had the couple not sold their house. Can you imagine the poor new owners, minding their own business randomly finding baby carcasses in Ziploc baggies while tending the garden. Well, at least that explains all the phantom newborn crying they kept hearing. Seriously, this is not funny, this is sad and disgusting. They are trying to say the woman suffered from a first pregnancy that was “traumatic”. I understand PPD is horrible but to repeat the offense 8 times after giving birth to a second child..what was the difference between #2 and #3?
The babies were born between 1989 and 2006, but their exact birth dates aren’t known.She knew she was pregnant each time, she admitted to it and has said her husband had no knowledge of the pregnancies, births, or the deaths. After the new owners of the house found the babies in the garden, per policy, the police questioned the previous owners and Dominique readily admitted to her gruesome part in the worst recorded case of infanticide in France in recent history. Furthermore, she led them to the remaining 6 bodies buried in the garage.
This weeks throat punch with a Ziploc baggie on top goes to this out of her mind nurse who killed 8 of her 10 children. I seriously think that this woman is insane and most likely dying from the intense guilt, which is probably why she confessed so readily. She was already a mother to 2 children when she started doing this craziness.I can’t imagine what her children are feeling. They must be terrified. The throat punch also goes to her husband, who I believe, has no excuse for letting this happen and in my eyes is a liar. He had to know. There is no way he did not know. Maybe a hard punch to the throat will get his eyes and common sense back into working order. I don’t know what else to say but that I hope karma comes around and gives them exactly what they deserve.

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Throat punch Thursday

Throat Punch Thursday,florida, 15 year old teen boy killed Throat Punch Thursday ~ Assholes, Paint Cans and Fire Pits. This weeks Throat Punch was earned by several people..oh, I think you know who I’m talking about. But,alas, I am not the monster that some would have you believe. There is a much greater evil in the world. There is an evil so heinous that it makes Charles Manson look tame. I’ll let you be the Judge.

(CNN) Six people were arrested this week and accused of luring a 15-year-old boy to a Florida home, shooting him several times, burning his body in a fire pit and putting the remains into paint cans, authorities said.

The killing occurred Sunday in the central Florida city of Ocala, according to a statement from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Two females in the group allegedly lured the victim, Seath Jackson, to the home and the group beat him with a wooden object. He was then shot several times with a .22 caliber gun, authorities said.

As the wounded teen attempted to flee, he was tackled and shot again, according to the sheriff’s statement. His body was allegedly placed in a sleeping bag and burned in a fire pit outside the home.

His ashes were placed into several paint containers and thrown into a large garbage can, authorities said.

Authorities said they learned of the alleged plot from a member of the group who confessed to witnessing the killing.

Four adults and two minors have been charged in connection with the death.

Sheriff’s department documents gave little information on what led to the killing other than brief statements by suspects about a dispute and a growing hatred.

Divers on Wednesday found three paint buckets in a water-filled rock quarry that are suspected of containing the victim’s remains, authorities said.

The contents of the buckets were delivered to a forensic specialist at the University of Florida in Gainesville to determine if the ashes and bone fragments match those of Jackson.

Throat Punch, Chuck Norris, Thursday, florida 15 year old boy killed

I am practically speechless. All I can say is that this is some really messed up stuff! These people make my skin crawl and make me afraid for my children’s safety in the world, knowing that these kinds of people are walking around free. Why did they do this? His clothes weren’t cool enough? He looked at them wrong? Who knows? These people are soulless animals with no hearts and even less of a conscience. It’s bad enough that they used girls to lure him to his assault. After the shock of realizing that these girls didn’t, in fact, like him and that he was being set up to get the shit kicked out of him, can you imagine what was going through his mind? The betrayal.The shock. The hurt.You know how fragile a teenage boy is, especially a socially awkward one ( I’m assuming since he was lured by girls, and then beaten for no reason). Then, as if beating the crap out of the poor guy wasn’t enough they shot him, several times, over and over again. It must have been like shooting at a scared, caged animal. When he finally broke free of them, after taking several bullets, wounded and scared out of his mind…they caught him,  and shot him again. Then proceed to put him in a sleeping bag and throw him onto a fire pit. Was he alive? Was he dead? I don’t know.It doesn’t clarify. What I do know is that it takes a really special kind of effed up to perpetrate these sorts of crimes. I’d give them a Throat Punch, but truly I wouldn’t want to come that close to them. They creep me the hell out.But I will give them a fast and furious roundhouse kick to the head using Chuck Norris’ legs. He can kick ’em harder anyways. I don’t know what in hell would posses a person to do this to another human being but these assholes all deserve to have their asses kicked all the way back to the hellish nightmare they came from.So many assholes in the world, so few Throat Punch Thursdays.

Throat punch Thursday

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Ryan Brunn, Jorelys Rivera, Georgia

Throat Punch Thursday~ Ryan Brunn,Jorelys Rivera, Georgia

Ryan Brunn; the Devil down in Georgia

Ryan Brunn ~ Have you heard this name yet? You probably have,the 20-year-old maintenance worker at the River Ridge Apartments face has been splashed all over the news in the last 24 hours. Ryan Brunn is the man in Canton Georgia accused in the abduction and brutal slaying of 7-year-old, Jorelys Rivera. Jorelys Rivera disappeared from the River Ridge apartment community’s playground (where she lives with her mother Jocelyn Rivera) last Friday while in the care of a babysitter who was suppose to be watching the girl as her mother works the night shift. ( I think this babysitter should be charged with negligence because obviously she wasn’t doing a very good job of sitting the baby!) The little girl’s savagely beaten, stabbed and raped body was found Monday in a dumpster on the premises. This story reminds me a lot of the Leiby Kletzky/ Levi Aron case. I’m not quite sure what is going on in the world today but I do know that it is a scary place to raise children. A parent’s biggest fear is that their child will be taken from them but in such a heinous and brutal way is unimaginable.

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Ryan Brunn, Jorelys Rivera, Georgia

Photo credit JudiciaryReport.com

Ryan Brunn; Accused Child Murderer

As reported by ABC News, Police today arrested a maintenance worker who lives at the same apartment complex where 7-year-old Jorelys Rivera is believed to have been bludgeoned, stabbed and sexually assaulted in a vacant apartment near the playground where she disappeared. What kind of sick person does this to a child? I’m curious to know in what order he committed his crime. He belongs in a cage no matter what but I pray that he was depraved enough to have killed the little girl before sexually assaulting her. I have a 6 year old and the sheer terror of the sexual abuse is more than I can stomach.

Ryan Brunn, 20, doesn’t have a criminal history, investigators said, but Georgia Bureau of Investigation director Vernon Keenan told reporters, “We are confident that Brunn is the killer and that is why he is in custody.” He is allegedly the murderer of this beautiful little girl who’s life was just at the very beginning but what the hell would trigger someone to want to do this to such a small child? Why would someone just wake up one day, with no criminal history, and think to himself “Today seems like a good day to savagely murder a little girl!” Obviously, there would have to be a predisposition to pedophilia but why this little girl? Why someone at the very complex where he worked? This could qualify him as one of the world’s dumbest criminals. I don’t know all the facts of the case ( as they’ve not all been released) but I hope they have some hard evidence because something about this case doesn’t add up.

Jorelys disappeared Friday evening from the playground at the River Ridge apartment community, where she lived with her mother in Canton, Ga. Her body was discovered Monday in one of the complex’s dumpster. This had to be the longest and worst weekend of Jocelyn Rivera’s life. As a mother, if your child disappears from your line of sight for an instance behind a rack in a clothing store THAT is enough to induce heart attack inducing fear.Your mouth goes dry, all you can hear is the rush of your blood to your brain, you get dizzy and you feel as if the entire weight of the universe is sitting squarely on your chest. You can’t breathe.You don’t want to breathe. You want to stop time and rewind to the previous second when your child was in your line of sight. To go an entire weekend feeling that way, not knowing where your child was, whether she was dead or alive would be enough to drive a mother mad. My heart goes out to Jorelys’ mother, Jocelyn Rivera. Monday, every mother’s worst fear was realized for her.

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Ryan Brunn, Jorelys Rivera, Georgia

Photo Judiciaryreport.com

To commit a crime in which one kills a child in such a brutal and savage way, there really has to be something effed up Ryan Brunn’s head. Ryan Brunn you most certainly deserve this week’s throat punch if you committed this heinous crime against little Jorelys Rivera . There was an article today in which they said Jocelyn Rivera, Jorelys mother, was asking for the death penalty for her daughter’s alleged murderer, Ryan Brunn. I’m not sure how this was surprising or newsworthy, I am certain that any parent whose child was murdered, bludgeoned, stabbed and raped viciously would call for the exact same justice. That is if those parents didn’t exact justice on the suspect themselves.

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The world is a scary place but it becomes a lot scarier when the people you see every day, your neighbors, are the predator. We are all hyper aware and teach our children not to go too close or trust the stranger on the street, but how do we protect our children from the familiar assailant? How do we protect our children from the Levi Aron, Casey Anthony and Ryan Brunn’s of the world?

Ryan Brunn; May the Punishment befit Your Crime


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Rudy Eugene, Ronald Poppo, Zombie, MacArthur Causeway, Miami Florida, Bath Salts

Throat Punch Thursday,Rudy Eugene, Ronald Poppo, MacArthur CAuseway, Miami Florida

Upon further viewing, maybe this Kangaroo is a Zombie about to eat a face off

Zombie Apocalypse is a real thing? What the hell is the world coming to when unsuspecting (sleeping no less) homeless people, Ronald Poppo, are getting stripped, beaten and having their faces ripped off by out of their mind junkies, Rudy Eugene, who present like something from the Walking Dead? Now, that is one hell of a gruesome way to be woken up. I am never complaining about my 4 year old jumping on me and strangling me with hugs at 5 am, EVER again. I’ll take rambunctious babies out of drug induced zombie ANY day of the week.

Rudy Eugene, Ronald Poppo, Zombie, MacArthur Causeway, Miami Florida, Bath Salts

A drug induced Zombie & his Victim in better days

I’m sure many of you are aware of this story, as it has been hot on the internet since it happened on Saturday. If not, here is the gist of it. A man, Rudy Eugene, supposedly high on a new form of the drug LSD, bath salts, attacked a homeless man, Ronald Poppo, who was asleep on the MacArthur Causeway in Miami, Florida. Mr. Eugene, literally, ripped the flesh off the homeless man’s face, Ronald Poppo, with his teeth not unlike a zombie might do. Yes, you heard me right. Even more unbelievable is that the entire incident took place on the MacArthur Causeway, a busy stretch of road near the beach. Drivers and bikers alike drove past for almost 20 minutes, no one stopped to help the man being attacked but several called 911.Honestly, I am not sure that I would have stopped if I saw, what surely looked like a zombie attack, taking place. I would have been afraid that the attacker might eat my face off too. Call me an asshole but I don’t think that would be a particularly enjoyable way to expire.

Cops arrived on the gruesome scene and tried to get Mr. Eugene to dismount Mr. Poppo and stop cannibalizing his face. Mr. Eugene looked up at them and growled. The cops had to separate Mr. Eugene from Mr. Poppo’s face by shooting him. Even after being shot, just like a zombie, Rudy Eugene kept on eating the man’s face until he was shot to death. By the time it was all said and done, 80% of Mr. Poppo’s face had been removed, including his eyes, nose and mouth.All that remained of Mr. Poppo’s face is his beard. I will not provide the photos of Mr.Poppo’s zombie attacked face because they are unbelievably horrifying.

Throat Punch goes to the drug bath salts that is creating an epidemic of junkies who are behaving like zombies in the worst kind of way. Throat Punch to the asshole drug dealers who continue to sell this drug when this is not the first time something like this has happened. Throat Punch to Rudy Eugene for acting like a zombie and ripping the face off of an unsuspecting homeless man. There is a lot of crazy shit going on in the world, bad things. Can we just say no to a drug induced zombie apocalypse?

Do you think this is a bad drug reaction or could this be the nearest thing we get to a zombie apocalypse?

Is the Zombie Apocalypse Upon Us?

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Throat punch Thursday

Throat Punch Thursday~Debt Ceiling, United states, Obama,Boehner

Debt Ceiling crushing the American People

The debt ceiling that is crushing the spirit of the American people is the recipient of my Throat Punch this Thursday. I am by no stretch of the imagination a financial analyst and I don’t pretend to understand every aspect of the debt that is slowly strangling our nation. I am, however, strange as it may be, a political scientist and am I embarrassed by the child like antics that are taking place in our government today. Basically, its like a school yard disagreement in which the bullies (R) have decided that they don’t like losing the game so they are holding the ball hostage. The ball is the debt ceiling. They want it their way or no way. The president is left with no way to control the ball; where it is thrown or who it might hit. So, he has to stand there, with an “oh shit, someone help me” look on his face, at the mercy of the bullies. Meanwhile, all the poor unsuspecting children (you and I) playing in the school yard ( obliviously enjoying life) are about to get the air knocked right out of us with the weight and force of that ball. The debt ceiling is going to crush us.

The problem is not only that the house is holding the ball hostage but that the government, as a whole, has been playing fast and loose with our nation’s capital.  It’s no wonder that most Americans are mortgaged to the hilt, we are following the example of our government. The problem is that once you get in this cycle of spending money that you don’t have, borrowing from others, compounding interest and taking lines of credit that you will never have the capability to pay back, you can’t recover …unless you have some rich uncle who kicks the bucket and leaves you a fortune. Bad news, the United States has no rich uncle who’s about to kick the bucket. We are a beautiful, grand nation in a financial hole. Who cares if you are one of the wealthiest nations in the world if your debt outweighs your worth by the trillions? It’s simple mathematics. Any which way you try to spin it, our past has caught up to us and it’s about to bite us in the ass.

Throat Punch, Chuck Norris,debt ceiling, Boehner

Debt Ceiling has nation in a strangle hold

This is happening to individuals all over the country on a more personal level. What do you think all the downsizing and foreclosures have been about for the past couple of years? The horrible fact of the matter is that once people see you struggling they see you as weak. Next, people try and take advantage. You are broke so let’s just go ahead and raise your interest, cut off your credit and punish you for wanting more time to pay your bills. No! We won’t work with you until you are so upside down in debt that you are losing your job, your house, your car and we are taking the very food out of your mouth. Oh yeah, while you are down there..let’s kick you again for good measure. Now, be a good little indentured servant and stay down. Oh wait, we need to completely crush your fighting spirit so let’s go ahead and tell you that you are ugly and we never liked you in the first place. This is the position that the debt ceiling , where it’s at, is putting us. It is making us vulnerable. Sure it’s fun to hear Jon Stewart call Boehner the saddest tangerine or to see the deer in headlights look the president got when he was pleading with the American public to contact their congress but none of that is productive.

Believe me, there will be plenty lined up to come and kick us when we are down. We need to cut spending. Raising the limit will only prolong the impending doom. If an individual were completely destitute and the banks just kept continually increasing their credit line and compounding the interest would that really be helpful? Hell NO! It only makes the debt bigger, the interest higher and chances are that individual will NEVER pay off that debt completely and so the cycle continues. I hate to say it but my crazy parents were right all along, if we can’t pay cash we should probably not buy the item because obviously we can’t afford it.  Maybe we should have some old timers who survived the depression have a chat with government. They could fix the debt ceiling with their sage old school financial planning. I’m pretty sure my grandpa could have made the debt ceiling his bitch; he would have Chuck Norris style karate chopped a sunroof in the debt ceiling…just for sunlight because God knows he would have had it under control.

If you’ve got a Throat Punch I hope you will follow me, grab the Throat Punch Thursday button ( located under the buttons tab at the top of the page), include it in your post and link up. Leave me a comment, I love reading all of your Throat Punches.

debt ceiling

 Debt ceiling..Raise the Roof or Lower Spending?

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kevin swanson, fetus graveyard, the pill, birth control

Throat Punch Thursday,Kevin Swanson, birth control, the pill, fetus graveyard

Have you heard of right wing Christian radio host, Kevin Swanson? Well, if you are a woman you may want to commit the name to memory. He is the asshole who has declared war on you for taking the pill. He wants you to know that by taking birth control you have essentially turned your uterus into a fetus graveyard; embedded into your lining are all the babies that could have been. Think of it as the home of babies past; what might have been if you weren’t such a raging, sinning birth control pill popping whore.

kevin swanson, fetus graveyard, the pill, birth control

Kevin Swanson thinks this is what your Uterus looks like x100

I don’t know how unfertilized eggs become mini babies who are forever banished to your uterine lining to haunt you but apparently this is the flavor of crazy he’s peddling. I’m convinced that at the last right wing rally they served some really bad acid that has turned all the right wingers brains into jello or maybe the dead fetuses inhabiting their wives’ uteruses have reached out during marital relations and usurped their brain; right out of the tip of their penises. Sounds ludicrous, right? Absolutely. It’s about as ludicrous as what this asshole is saying on the radio. Too bad his mom didn’t take birth control, and then maybe he could only speak his craziness to his hundreds of tiny, tiny fetus womb mates.

So apparently, Todd Aiken, Paul Ryan, Joe Walsh, Mitt Romney and Terry England are not where the “we want to revoke women’s rights” right wing freak club ends. There is someone out there who has surpassed all of these men in his stupidity, with the exception of Todd Aiken, in my opinion, Mr. Kevin Swanson.

I’m beginning to get some evidence from certain doctors and certain scientists that have done research on women’s wombs after they’ve gone through the surgery, and they’ve compared the wombs of women who were on the birth control pill to those who were not on the birth control pill. And they have found that with women who are on the birth control pill, there are these little tiny fetuses, these little babies that are embedded into the womb. They’re just like dead babies. They’re on the inside of the womb. And these wombs of women who have been on the birth control pill effectively have become graveyards for lots and lots of little babies.

I take a personal offense to this man’s ignorant statement. I have suffered a miscarriage, I know many women who have had lost babies, women who have battled infertility and have taken babies to term only to lose them and this idiot wants to tell me that even though my own body couldn’t carry the baby that I lost, that we so badly wanted, there are many tiny fetuses embedded in my uterus from the few years that I took birth control in college. What’s next? Is he going to blame me and all the mothers who have lost babies or can’t get pregnant for our inabilities because we took birth control at some point in our past?

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Kevin Swanson; He knows Your Womb Better than You

Seldom do I have a Throat Punch that galls me so much and that is saying a lot since I generally reserve throat punches for people who have either monumentally fucked up in their choices or have down right done something evil. Of course, Kevin Swanson is not the first right-winger to try to squash women’s rights and I’m sure he won’t be the last.

There are a lot of ignorant people in the world and I truly thought I had heard the most insulting men to ever speak out against women during this last election but obviously, I was wrong.

Honestly, if you don’t have a uterus or vagina, I am imploring you to keep your opinions to yourself. I don’t need you in my uterus, especially now that I know there is no room in there anyways.

Mr. Swanson, fuck you and all those like you! My uterus is my business. When you can get pregnant, give birth, be objectified and propertied and suffer a lifetime of being treated with no respect and as a second-class citizen, who people like you believe should be seen and not heard, then you can have an opinion, until then here is a throat punch to shut you up. You are by far one of the dumbest and douchiest of right-wingers that I have yet had the misfortune to hear speak. Do us all a favor and please SHUT THE FUCK UP!

What do you think of Kevin Swanson and his theory on your womb being a fetus graveyard?




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