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 Welcome to Throat Punch Thursday my friends. Well, this weeks choice was fairly easy being all the bullshit that surrounds this hot mess. YOU know what I’m referring to, come on. What would make you madder than running out of diapers in the middle of the night? Finding beetle larva in your baby’s Similac, you say? What would make you even madder than finding out live on The Bachelor that you were NOT the one he chose, after you were led to believe that you were ?( sorry, its late I couldn’t think of any other analogy)How would you feel about trying to contact Similac to see if your formula lot number was recalled and not being able to ever access a human being? Just one more reason for la Leche League to yammer on about the breast being best. There is usually not a whole lot of bug contamination in your Momma’s boobies. I tried the whole boobie thing, it worked for about 6 weeks, I never made enough milk and I had to supplement the entire time with….SIMILAC!

I would be irate if I had a newborn and found out that they could possibly be ingesting bug parts. Imagine it being your first newborn and learning this. OMG,it would have sent me into a stark raving fit of lunacy. Seriously, they wouldn’t have had to worried about my calls. I would have had my crazy ass in the car. Oh yeah, I’d have no problem finding out where they were located or how to get there..I’m computer savvy and internet learned.

On Wednesday, Abbott Laboratories issued a recall of about 5 million cans of certain Similac-brand powdered infant formula, due to the possible presence of beetle larva. Did you read that..5 MILLION cans!

If ingested, the FDA said that this type of beetle could cause discomfort and irritate the gastrointestinal tract, making infants lose their appetite. Well, no shit! Umm, my second child was colicky from dairy formula..can you imagine if had beetle larva in it what it would do to a colicky kid? That’s reason enough to take their heads of with a Throat punch. This may be more serious than a Throat punch, maybe a  full on decapitation? The more I recall the days of walking in the middle of the night with no sleep due to colic, I say yes..beheading may be the way to go. Lets make that throat punch count!

Following the recall, Abbott (ABT, Fortune 500) established a 24/7 phone hotline and directed consumers to a website for more information, including the product lot numbers affected by the recall. Repeated attempts to access both services by CNNMoney have been mostly unsuccessful. No shit, what are they going to do answer the phone,get screamed at and say, “Hi, Similac speaking. Sorry about the bugs we fed to your perfect little newborn. Hope he does’t turn into the fly.OOPS! Gotta go!”

My Throat Punch is most certainly going to Abbot Industries for not only their beetle larva ( SKEEVE) but even more so because they are not available to give these parents some damn  counsel. So they are the lovely recipients of not 1 but 2 Throat Punches, 1 for the bugs and 1 for the awful customer service. Now come here so I can feed you a nice warm glass of beetle parts.

Here’s the number if you need more information..You can call it but they probably won’t answer. My suggestion, if you have Similac lying around, just throw it out!EWWWW

For information on the recall, Abbott said that parents and caregivers can go to www.similac.com/recall10 or call Abbott’s consumer hotline, (800) 986-8850, for more information.

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Throat Punch Thursday~mommy's a homocidal maniac edition,Casey ANthony,murder trial, caylee anthony, jose baez,florida, death

*I know you’ve heard of Casey Anthony, you obviously don’t live under a rock, as you have found your way here. First of all, if you are here for a meaningful Mommy post you may want to stop reading. Thursday’s are for righting the wrongs of the world. That is messy business and sometimes not  for the faint of heart. So, if you are easily offended  or were looking for unicorns and rainbows..please stop reading.

Throat Punch Thursday~Casey Anthony; Mommy’s a Homicidal Maniac Edition

This weeks Throat Punch has been a long time coming, this week’s recipient is none other than the award winning WORST MOTHER of the CENTURY Casey Anthony. Seriously, what f*cking planet is this broad from? She is such a monumental liar that she doesn’t even recognize the truth,little lone ever speak it. This woman has betrayed the one person in the world who she is supposed to care for and love unconditionally.It is unfathomable to me how anyone can commit such a heinous crime as murdering a child, but a Mother..a mother is who a child is supposed to be able to always count on to protect them. There has to be a special place in hell for the Casey Anthonys of the world.

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Throat Punch Thursday~Mommy's a homicidal maniac

This picture particularly upsets me because Caylee looks alot like my Gabs

What kind of Mother waits 31 days to report her child missing? Oh yeah,that would be the kind who KNEW that Caylee wasn’t actually missing at all. That would be the same mother who spent those 31 days having a last hurrah before she reported Caylee , her 2 year old daughter, as a  missing person to the police.  The same woman who was seen around town dancing, drinking and whoring it up while her daughter was in a shallow grave…that she ,most likely, put her into.

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Throat Punch Thursday~mommy's a homicidal maniac

This is what Casey was doing over the 31 days while her daughter Caylee was "missing"

Throat Punch Thursday~Casey Anthony; Mommy’s a Homicidal Maniac Edition

To make matters worse, this POS Mom lied. LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING! From the place she worked, to the fictitious Nanny, the imaginary ex boyfriend down to the story that her daughter was missing. Hey, Casey, your kid’s not missing if you dumped her poor little baby body , wrapped neatly in duct tape in a shallow grave in the nearby woods. Hell, she wasn’t even misplaced. She was hidden..by you.

This woman disgusts me. She is a sociopath and a pathological liar. I am sickened by dead beat moms and a mother,who kills her children and can still muster the fortitude to live with herself little lone go out and party for a month, are beyond despicable. Casey, if you didn’t want the responsibility of a a child then maybe you should have practiced safe sex.But going out partying and having a good time, participating in hot body contests and drinking your weight in alcohol while your baby was in the trunk of your car or the woods decomposing is unconscionable. It is maniacal. I think that she needs mental help.

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How heartbreaking that you can go from this to just pretending that she no longer exists

But the ongoing lies suggest that she is fully capable of standing trial and being punished for her crimes. Believe me, this bitch deserves way more than a Throat Punch. Maybe a Throat Punch with a side of the electric chair. Her lies are too many to list, so I will direct you to the article that examines them extensively. I hope that ,in prison, she is shown the same mercy and kindness that she shown to her toddler. I think the world would be a much better place with her locked away for the rest of her natural born life.

I hope that this Throat Punch can dislodge all the lies from her mouth and set the truth free! Do it for Caylee, it could be the one good thing Casey Anthony ever does for this child.


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Throat punch Thursday

Throat Punch Thursday,INdia

This weeks Throat Punch was sent in by one of my great friends. You know it’s truly worthy of a throat punch when your friends in the real world send you an email with the subject Please Throat Punch. I read the article she included and boy is this worthy of a throat punch of epic proportions. It is so horrendous that I am actually speechless. So I will simply share with you excerpts from the actual article.

MORENA, India – The room is large and airy, the stone floors clean and cool — a welcome respite from the afternoon sun. Until your eyes take in the horror that it holds. Ten severely malnourished children — nine of them girls.

The starving girls in this hospital ward include a 21-month-old with arms and legs the size of twigs and an emaciated 1-year-old with huge, vacant eyes. Without urgent medical care, most will not live to see their next birthday.

They point to a painful reality revealed in India’s most recent census: Despite a booming economy and big cities full of luxury cars and glittering malls, the country is failing its girls.

The discrimination happens through abortions of female fetuses and sheer neglect of young girls, despite years of high-profile campaigns to address the issue. So serious is the problem that it’s illegal for medical personnel to reveal the gender of an unborn fetus, although evidence suggests the ban is widely circumvented.

“My mother-in-law says a boy is necessary,” says Sanju, holding her severely malnourished 9-month-old daughter in her lap in the hospital. The woman, who goes by one name, doesn’t admit to deliberately starving the girl but only shrugs her own thin shoulders when asked why her daughter is so sick.

Part of the reason Indians favor sons is the enormous expense in marrying off girls. Families often go into debt arranging marriages and paying elaborate dowries. A boy, on the other hand, will one day bring home a bride and dowry. Hindu custom also dictates that only sons can light their parents’ funeral pyres.

But it’s not simply that girls are more expensive for impoverished families. The census data shows that the worst offenders are the relatively wealthy northern states of Punjab and Haryana.

Though abortion is allowed in India, the country banned revealing the gender of unborn fetuses in 1994 in an attempt to halt sex-selective abortions. Every few years, federal and state governments announce new incentives — from free meals to free education — to encourage people to take care of their girls.

n the district hospital’s maternity ward, a wrinkled old woman walks out holding a just-born girl wrapped in a dirty rag like an unwelcome present. Munni, who uses only one name, is clearly unhappy. Her daughter-in-law has just given birth to her sixth girl in 12 years of marriage.

Will the daughter-in-law go through another pregnancy?

“Everyone wants boys. A boy takes care of you in your old age,” Munni says.

As a mother-in-law, Munni will likely have enormous control over her son’s wife, influencing how many children she has and nudging or bullying her to bear a son.

“Women cry when they have girls,” nurse Lalitha Gujar says as she spoons powdered coconut, peanuts and sesame seeds into bowls of fortified milk to nourish the tiny children.

All nine mothers of the sickly infant girls say they want sons — to look after them when they get old, because their sisters-in-law have more sons, because their mothers-in-law demand male children.

“If a woman has a boy, for a month she will be looked after. If she has a girl, she’ll be back in the fields in three days,” says Sudha Misra, a local social worker.

An exhausted mother who faces neglect, poor nutrition and blame for producing a daughter is likely to pass on that neglect, social workers say. For an infant, that can mean the difference between life and death.

“A malnourished child will get sick and the chances of death are very high,” Bandil says.

For the very poor, the pressures to bear sons result in mistreatment of both the baby girl and mother. And rich women are not immune to this mistreatment if they fail to bear male children.

For those with money, it’s often about being able to locate a radiologist who, for a cost, will break the law and reveal the sex of the fetus, or being able to fly abroad for such tests.

Throat Punch, Chuck Norris, Thursday, florida 15 year old boy killedThroat Punch to you India for allowing such unspeakable acts..not only do you look the other way at such behavior, if caught you basically only issue a small slap on the wrist to those who violate the law. What the hell is wrong with you? You say that men are more desirable. I know that you are not the first or the only country to feel this way, but riddle me this..how the hell do you expect the species to survive if you murder the very people..the ONLY sex, that can have children. You say your sons will take care of you. Well, who is supposed to have the sons if you murder all the potential brides and mothers. As a mother of daughters, this behavior is disgusting and intolerable. The world needs to put a hard stop to this. We need to give more than a slap on the wrist. We need to give India a Chuck Norris Throat Punch to knock some sense into them. Girls? We don’t need no stinkin girls! Yeah..yeah you do. Without little girls, there would be no women, without women there would be no babies, with no babies ,there will be no little boys. With out any little boys, there would be NO MEN! Gendercide sucks and those that perpetrate it deserve more than a theoretical throat punch.Let the little girls live!

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Throat Punch Thursday~World's Fattest Woman; Susanne Eman Edition

Willfully the World’s Fattest Woman, Susanne Eman is a 32 year old single mother from Casa Grande, Arizona. Her sons are Gabriel, 16, and Brendin , 12. She has already bypassed  Donna Simpson’s record at  50 stone. In case you were wondering, 50 stone is 700 pounds. Her goal is to be 115 stone by the time she is 41 or 42.  That is 1610 pounds. That, my friends, is a metric ton. That is completely disgusting to me. Really? Does she actually think she will live that long?

Throat Punch Thursday, World's Fattest Woman, Susanne EmanThe World’s Fattest Woman says she feels sexy at 50 stone

I am especially sickened by the fact that she has 2 children, whom she is demonstrating this destructive behavior.How involved of a mother can she really be if she is spending all of her time confined to a wheelchair, consumed with thoughts of reaching her goal of the World’s Fattest Woman and constantly maintaining her 21,962 calorie a day diet. 21962!!!! Seriously, how much food has to be consumed to get that many calories? It has to be like a full time job. Can you imagine the grocery bill? Who’s paying for this journey to suicide by gluttony?

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The World's Fattest Woman, Susanne Eman,Throat Punch Thursday

Brilliant she is not only trying to kill herself she is making her boys accessories to suicide!

She says that she feels sexy at this size. That her body is like poetry in motion, because it moves on it’s own ( her words not mine). She commented in an article in the Sun that at 35 stone she noticed she got more attention from men. Yeah!Because they had never seen someone that large before, in person. I’m not sure of the true motive behind this ghastly quest. I can’t fathom EVER intentionally wanting to be the World’s Fattest Woman.  I think it is commendable when women can find beauty and comfort in their body at any size. If she truly has this, I am happy for her. But having been overweight, knowing many others who have been overweight…I have never met a single woman who has been satisfied being overweight. For some it’s a vanity issue, for others it’s a health issue, but in all cases none of them said “You know what? I really love having a muffin top, a gunt and more than my fair share of chins. I adore being out of breath when I walk a flight of stairs. I love all the attention and think I’d like to up the ante and gain a bit more.” NEVER have I heard these words said aloud. I’m pretty sure they are not very often thought either. If I am wrong, please weigh in. I want to hear what you have to say. If that’s you, KUDOS! You are braver and stronger than I. I prefer to try and put that effort into getting healthy and comfortable in my own skin, not outgrowing it.

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The World's fattest Woman, Susanne Eman, Throat Punch Thursday

Well, at least she stretches before her heavy lifting..walking under her own weight.

Conditioning to be the World’s Fattest Woman

Let’s be clear, I don’t find this situation to be amusing in any way. I don’t find humor in other people’s pain but she seems to embrace her girth. I am saddened that she is on this quest. I am saddened that she is so selfish that she has no consideration as to how this might effect her sons; their lives; their own eating and lifestyle habits. Does she not care that she could be indirectly contributing to their untimely demise? She can’t actively engage with them. Not to mention the fact that her kids have Gilbert Grape’s Mom as their actual Mom. I’m sure the media spectacle she is making of herself has made them the target of an excess of teasing. Plus, can you imagine the sort of men she is attracting? She says that she has been getting more male attention. She brings these sort of fetish freaks to the house around her sons?

*Disclaimer: As for calling people with fetishes ..freaks, I don’t think they are freaks because they want to get some big girl lovin. I think everyone deserves love. But in the article it made it sound as if she dates men who are seeking big women for sex. I think that is not the kind of behavior she should be doing around her children. If she has a love den somewhere and sleeps with randoms, that’s her business. But again, not a good example for her kids. And let me be clear, I don’t care what people do in their own bedrooms. Freaky is fine with me. I’m just saying, as I’d tell any thin friend who had random men over her house who wanted furry sex or even plain old missionary, don’t have randoms in and out of your bedroom if you have children present. That’s my opinion. It only counts to me.

[/fusion_builder_column][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_direction=”left” hide_on_mobile=”no” center_content=”no” min_height=”none”]

The World's Fattest Woman, Susanne Eman, Throat Punch Thursday

No, this isn't embarrassing..not at all. Those poor boys!

Susanne Eman you get my Throat Punch this Thursday for being a bad example Mommy. You are obligated to live a healthy life to be alive to raise your sons and get them to adulthood. You brought them into the world. It is your responsibility to make sure that they live happy and healthy lives. From where I sit, it looks like you may be falling short on both counts. For this, you get a giant Throat Punch. I hope it knocks the tacos and cookies out of your hand long enough to make you realize that what you are doing is NOT good for yourself or your children.

If you have a Throat Punch this week, please follow me in GFC, grab the Throat Punch Thursday badge under the buttons tab at the top of the page and insert it into your post. Then leave a comment  here so that we can all come read your Throat Punch Post!

 *Photos from the Sun article

World’s Fattest Woman, Throat Punch Recipient


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Throat Punch Thursday, obviously its a day late this week. As most of you know, being a Daddy’s away insomniac , I normally do my posts at 2  in the morning for the day. Last night, I was( still am) out of town ( yet again)  and by some freak of nature my husband and  I were in the same place at the same time..with a ready and willing Mother in Law to babysit.So,I hope you all can forgive me for being a day late but it was between posting my Throat Punch or snuggling with my husband. I chose to snuggle:) But here is the Throat Punch…
This weeks throat punch goes to the ridiculous heat wave that has been hitting the midwest over the past couple of weeks. I don’t so much mind the heat as this awful , God forsaken humidity. What is that all about? How am I supposed to maintain my composure and good looks when I am literally melting. I put on make up, it melts. I put on deodorant..it melts. I take a shower..I sweat before the water has even dried off. I know, sexy , right?  I’m all for being a HOT Mommy but not a hot, sweaty Mommy!The humidity is making me retain water. And to top it off, the only thing not melting is my hair. Which I spend an hour a day making look like this
only to walk outside and have it immediatley turn into this

 But really, lets be honest..it more like this

So, 94 degrees that feels like 104 degrees, thanks for making me look and feel so beautiful. I especially love the PMS like heat induced sunshiney attitude that the heat has triggered; my family thanks you to.So I am going to put the sunshiney attitude to good use and throat punch the effing heat wave! Thanks for nothing. I always wanted to look like a fat hooker in a church with really bad hair!Happy Friday!
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Well, there is an abundance of candidates this week for Throat punch Thursday, as you can see from my previous CNN streaming posts. Apparently, the world is coming to an end with all these maniacs on the loose. I really was a tortured soul trying to decide who was the biggest douche bag this week and deserved the coveted and well deserved throat punch. You know the Lopez family who brutalized that little 5 month old? Well, they were the forerunner. I really thought they had it in the bag. Then ,something more personal came along.You see, in the right hand column of my blog I post the blogs that I personally love. These are not just blogs that follow me or that giveaway the best prizes, no these gals are my support system. They are who I turn to when I need understanding, a good laugh, wit, but mostly sisterhood. Other Mommies who I can relate to and are pretty damn good writers as well. That’s why I feature them in that column under the header “BLOGS I LOVE”. They exemplify sisterhood and what Motherhood is really about… being able to laugh at yourself and enjoying the journey, all the while letting other Mommies know they are not alone in this craziness and that its ok to be human. We all write our blogs for different reasons; for some its just to chronicle their childrens lives, some its  a business opportunity a way to feel useful and contribute to the family finances, for some its catharsis, some its for sisterhood, for some its to expand their writing horizons and for others its for all of thee above. No matter the reason, they are sharing their lives. WE share our successes and our stumbles so that others may know that they are not alone and being imperfect is all a part of being a good parent. We offer the most precious thing we have to offer, we give ourselves. It’s humbling and freeing. When the feedback is good, we feel amazing and when it is bad,we take it personally. No grudges, normally, but it still stings the soul just a bit. There are ways to do things without being an asshole. You know what I mean. A backhanded compliment is always better than a “YOU SUCK!” It’s rude, even if you’re not trying to be. My point being the winner of the Throat Punch goes to the reader who commented on a fellow bloggers site and told her “Not to be Rude” ( that’s never good) then the comment went on to state  that the blog isn’t up to the standard it used to be and this person is concerned that she is going to lose followers.Wow! When did we get the blog police? Or maybe she is just a concerned citizen making a citizens blog arrest. If the lady really cared maybe she should have asked.”Are you OK? From your blog, I know you’ve been sick and so has your child. Feel better!” But to kick someone when they are so obviously already not feeling well, that’s big time douchery in my book! To make it even worse, the commenter doesn’t even have her own blog. So, she has no idea what it takes to maintain a blog. She probably isn’t even a Mom, explaining why she has no tolerance for a busy Mommy with a sick baby! I know that when we open our lives up to people in our blogs we are inviting them in. It’s like”Hey come on in, have a seat , lets drink some coffee ( or wine) and have a chat!” It’s pretty rude, when they come in and throw the coffee in your face, flip the table and say “What a dirty house! Can’t you get up off your lazy ass and clean once in awhile!” Not to be rude, but I’m just saying! So, this weeks Throat Punch goes to the anonymous reader who left the shitty comment for the sick Mommy blogger( the operative world being Mommy. I mean how much do we have on our plates just raising our little pieces of perfection. Do we really need to be insulted that we are dropping the ball elsewhere?)! Shame on you! Now, come over here so I can punch you in the throat!

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Throat Punch Thursday,Korda Bailey This weeks Throat Punch Once again, Throat Punch Thursday has us back in Florida. Why does it seem like we are always in Florida on Thursday? Thursday recipient has had it coming for a long time. I mean for at least 12 years but , actually more like 20 years, for me personally. In general, this recipient has had it coming for as long as it’s been around. You know who I am referring to..CANCER! That sonofabitch has hurt a lot of people for a long time and almost everyone has been touched by it. I lost my Grandmother to it. I lost a close friend to it. It has completely rearranged the lives of many women I know. The last straw was when my nephew , who was only 3 at the time, was diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, he has had a full recovery and is now a freshman in high school but that didn’t make going through it any easier when he was 3. I hate cancer….with a passion. I don’t hate too many things or people, I strongly dislike but I HATE cancer. Every time I see a friend who lost her mother, or almost lost her mother to cancer, my heart breaks. When I see my girlfriend who was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 months after having her child, my heart hurts. When I look in my nephews beautiful face, I am reminded of what he had to endure at such a young age and I can barely breathe. When I look into my girls eyes and realize that this awful thing could ever touch them, it is unfathomable. Oh, yes, I effing HATE cancer! Then I came across this bit on CNN ( you know, my source for all the sunshine I spread on Thursday)

Now, cancer just got kicked up a notch on my list.As if there weren’t enough reasons to hate cancer, this video made me want to choke cancer out and watch the life of it slowly go out. I feel that it is high time that this bastard be eradicated from the planet. Don’t you agree? To CANCER I give the reverse right legged roundhouse to the back, coupled with two lightening swift throat punches to the gullet, followed by nunchucks to the head and for good measure. I would spit in cancers face.I know,you’d expect a lady not to be so vulgar but that’s how much I HATE cancer!If you want to read the entire article about Mary Villet please go here.
Throat Punch, Chuck Norris, Thursday,

Who or what is worthy of your throat punch today? Come link up. Grab a Throat Punch Thursday button ( under buttons tab), include it in your post, link up, comment and enjoy the relief that comes come relieving yourself of the stress of the world’s stupidity.

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Chicago, Facebook Live, Throat Punch Thursday,Brittany Herring, Hate Crime, Donald Trump

Throat Punch Thursday~ Intellectual Property Plagiarism

Intellectual Property Plagiarism ~ This one is personal. You all know how I feel about being plagiarized. I think we can all agree that plagiarizing sucks. I’m not some Pulitzer prize winning writer, I talk about a lot of crazy off the wall shit and it’s not normally popular opinion or written in the usual rainbows and unicorns fashion, so when you plagiarize my intellectual property…it doesn’t take me too long to figure it out. Not to mention that I have taken some pretty extensive steps to catch plagiarist. Oh yeah, I’ve got my blog boobie trapped assholes. I’ve even written entire posts about how to catch a plagiarist and stop them from plagiarizing you.

Intellectual Property Plagiarism Not a Victimless Crime

I don’t think that some people understand that I have ownership over my blog posts because I author them and when they take them without my consent and without acknowledging me as the true author, they are stealing. I don’t adhere to the adage that Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It’s not. The sincerest form of flattery to a writer is to pay her for her writing. When someone copies my thoughts, ideas, words and actions; when someone tries to be who I am by using my mission, my formula, my title and name…that is plagiarism and it pisses me off. It seems the more traffic I get, the more well known my blog becomes the more likely people are to try and hitch their wagon to my star. I’m not saying that there is anything special about what I do but it’s mine. It’s me! I feel like these plagiarists are turning all Single white female on me. It is literally happening almost on a daily basis at this point.I’ve written so many cease and desist letters that the formula is tattooed on my brain.

Intellectual Property Plagiarism is Real & punishable by Law

This latest case of intellectual property plagiarism is what has my panties in a bunch today. Earlier this week, as I was perusing Facebook I stumbled on a Community page using my blog name The TRUTH about Motherhood. Did you even know that this was possible? Can you say blatant intellectual property plagiarism? This piqued my curiosity. I may not be a Dooce or Jessica Gottlieb but I’ve been around long enough for a substantial amount of bloggers to know who the hell I am. It always gives me a little knot in my stomach when I ever see my title used or very close to it because then I have to check it out to see what else it has in common with me. Imagine my reaction when I was reading the description of the page and it read;

Witty, honest look at Motherhood from the trenches. The agony and the ecstasy of being a Mother, from pregnancy, through labor and delivery, to bringing the first baby home and to infinity and beyond. Where other mothers pretend to be Bree Van de Kamp,Truthful Mommy lets it all out there for the world to see. If 30’s the new 20, then imperfect parenting is the new perfect.

I was trying to place the words. I went back through my posts and I saw bits and pieces here and there but not the exact quote.But I knew it had been said. I knew it was something I had said. Then I remembered, it is the verbatim description of my blog on the Babble top Mom blogger nominations. My head was spinning. Then I realized that they had labeled the page Community. To me, that infers that they are the community page for The TRUTH about Motherhood website ( which they are not) especially since they had the balls to use my exact description of my blog and even refer to TruthfulMommy( ME). I contacted them and they refused to answer and removed my comment from their wall. I reported them to FB for intellectual property infringement and they were forced to remove the description. Some of my followers also told me that they reported the page for being a duplicate. I think that since they refer to themselves as the community of The TRUTH abut Motherhood it is still under the guise of being associated with my site and should be forced to change their name, as well. We will see what Facebook does about the situation. I have made my feelings clear. I hope they have to change it or remove it in it’s entirety. This is just one more instance in a long list of times that someone has stolen my brand.

Intellectual Property Plagiarism Parasites

Today, I am throat punching the hell out of PLAGIARIZING PARASITES. I make no bones about it, if you are copying someone else’s thoughts/actions/words give them the acknowledgment and link back, at the very least try to do so. I will not tolerate this anymore. If I find out that you are plagiarizing my intellectual property, I will go through the proper channels and I will take you down.

Hope you will link up your Throat Punch Thursday posts with me. All you have to do is grab the Throat Punch Thursday button ( listed under the buttons tab at the top of the page), put it in your blog post and link up. If you’d like to stay in the Throat Punch know, I’d love it if you would email subscribe ( as GFC will stop working soon).

*Just checked and the FB page for the “community” calling themselves The TRUTH about Motherhood has been taken down! FTW! Thank you FB for having some integrity.

Have you ever been plagiarized? What did you do? Did you go after the plagiarist assholes who stole your property? Did you give them a throat punch? We need to keep an eye out for one another and let one another know if we come across one anothers material on sites not belonging to the original writer. We are bloggers hear us roar ( right before we throat punch your ass)! Fellow bloggers, let plagiarists know that intellectual property plagiarism will no longer be tolerated by any of us.


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baby center, miscarriage, pregnancy loss

Throat Punch Thursday, Miscarriage, D&E , Baby Center

Baby Center Missed the Miscarriage Memo

Miscarriage Reminder from Baby Center. Due to the holiday and a lot of moving and packing and general exhaustion in the 107 degree weather, I was a bit discombobulated and Throat Punch Thursday is a day late. Yesterday, as I was packing up our home for our final good-bye, Baby Center sent me a “Congratulations, you are at the half way mark in your pregnancy”… Only, I’m not because I miscarried May 1st at 10 weeks and 4 days. I know this because every 1st day of the month, I am stabbed in the chest with a little knife that reminds me that I am missing something followed by my shark week that starts a few days later just so the point is driven home that my womb is EMPTY. So fuck you very much Baby Center, I didn’t need the reminder of what could have been because I’ve never forgotten! I know I lost my pregnancy, I don’t need bells and whistles as a reminder.

I got a bill in the mail today and I can’t let it go. Believe me I believe in paying for services. I pay my bills. I always have but there are some things in life that should be free and the fact that people have to be charged for these things makes me feel indignant and stabbity.

baby center, miscarriage, pregnancy loss

Oh yeah, the outrageous bill that I just received is what I’m being charged for my D&E. This has me truly indignant. In my mind, I KNOW it’s a surgery and it saved me from infections and all sorts of other painful repercussions but it’s not fair. I can’t even believe they charge for this. I understand that there are charges involved. I understand that doctors need to be paid, surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, medication needs to be dispensed but fuck me. In my heart, I don’t understand. I want to stomp my feet, scream at the top of my lungs and say “HELL NO! WE WON’T PAY for MISCARRIAGES!! THIS IS BULLSHIT!”

No Charge for Miscarriage Please

Paying for an unwanted D&E (is there such a thing really as a “wanted” one?) after my miscarriage is as awful as charging parents for their child’s pediatric cancer treatment. It’s like charging to give someone a drink when they are dying of thirst in the dessert. It’s like charging to throw someone a life preserver when they are drowning. It is withholding the cure for cancer because someone cannot afford the cure. It is bullshit.

There are just some things in life that should be free and a D& E is one of those things. There’s nothing quite like billing a broken woman for her own misery. Talk about insult to injury! I want to punch the hospital billing department square in the gullet just for having the audacity to bill me for my miscarriage.  If anything, I feel like someone owes me something, an explanation would be nice. Maybe insurance should make pregnancy lossone of those things they pay for in its entirety, like getting your teeth cleaned. I’d considered it well being, its something that had to be done to keep my sanity after the loss. Paying for a miscarriage feels like paying for my own hit. I want to scream and yell for it to stop. I don’t want to pay for something I never wanted. I wanted my baby. I never wanted the miscarriage or the D&E. At the very least, maybe there should be a 6-month grace period before a bill is sent to the victim patient.

I guess it’s all still too fresh for me because Baby Center, the outrageous bill that I have to pay for something I NEVER wanted and being told, “I Bet you wish you would have sold all those baby toys at the garage sell now, don’t you?” makes me what to throat punch the lot of them and so I am. Throat Punches to Baby Center, the billing offices and the other asshole who shall remain nameless for being completely insensitive and douche canoes.

Who would you Throat Punch today? I know, I am in a really bad mood with this one. Sorry if I sound like a complete loon but honestly, leave it to all this emotional shit to surface right on shark week. This would be one of those posts where I cringe and hit publish anyway. I know it’s not politically correct to talk about the cost of a miscarriage or to be irate at Baby Center for sending me a reminder to celebrate the biggest loss of my life but it’s how I’m feeling today and I love you all for listening.

I am being featured at Erin Margolin  And Your TRUTH Shall Set you Free today telling you all about my writer roots. You may be shocked at what you learn about your Truthful Mommy. I share my truth, no holds barred. Hope you will read and comment and stick around and check out Erin’s site. She is a wonderful writer and you will be glad you did. Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the moments with your family because that is what counts and try not to melt in this ridiculous heat. I’ll try not to bitch slap the next person who reminds me of my miscarriage.



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josh powell, susan powell, Brayden Powell, Charlie Powell, Utah, Washington, disappearance, explosion,homicide,fire

Throat Punch Thursday~Josh Powell, Susan Powell, Explosion, little boys, Washington

Josh Powell; Daddy & Husband Fail of Epic Proportions

Josh Powell; The Cowardly Killer~  What the Eff is up with all the shitty parents that keep ending up in the news for failing their children? Casey Anthony, Tarah Souder, Jackie Burkle and now, Josh Powell. Just another person on a long laundry list of those that should have been sterilized in the womb. Josh Powell is the father in Washington who,last Sunday, murdered his two small sons, Charlie and Brayden ( ages 5 and 7). The boys were brought to the door for their supervised visitation when Josh Powell grabbed the boys and pulled them in the house before promptly slamming the door in the face of the Child Protective Services worker who was supposed to be supervising the visit.The Child Protective Services worker immediately called 911 to report the incident, claiming that she smelled gasoline and was afraid for the boys lifes. She was told that 911 was reserved for emergencies. She said it was. Meanwhile, Josh Powell was taking a hatchet to his little boys ( a very small mercy in my opinion. At least they were dead before he set them on fire). Within minutes, the house exploded. Authority fail again.

josh powell, susan powell, Brayden Powell, Charlie Powell, Utah, Washington, disappearance, explosion,homicide,fire

Josh Powell; NOT Father of the Year

Josh Powell was under suspicion in the case of the disappearance of his wife, Susan Powell. Susan Powell disappeared in 2008. Josh Powell claimed to not knowing what had happened to his wife. Sticking to the story that he had taken his, then, 1 and 4 year old on an impromptu camping trip in the dead of winter in the middle of the night, because that’s not suspicious.

Initially, he was not even a suspect in the case of his missing wife. What? Who bought this crazy story? A child would be able to ascertain that the story he told the authorities was complete bullshit. If not for obvious reasons, then for the very reason that NO MOTHER would ever let someone take her small children camping in the middle of the night in the middle of a Utah winter. But the authorities could not see what the rest of us knew to be true.

Now, after 3 years and a change of heart, Josh Powell was under investigation in the disappearance of his wife, Susan Powell. Maybe it had something to do with his son remembering that when they went on their “camping trip” Mommy was in the trunk. It sounds like a bad Eminem song, Bonnie and Clyde. His sons, Brayden and Charlie, had been removed from his custody pending a psychosexual evaluation thanks to his father being a pedophile of sorts. Josh Powell has only been able to see his sons under the supervision of a caseworker.
To the authorities who were slow to respond to the 911 calls that the children might be in danger, the the law enforcement who didn’t poke hole sin Josh Powell’s ridiculous story of the midnight camping trip and ESPECIALLY to the piece of shit Josh Powell who killed his boys and allegedly killed his wife, throat Punch! The only thing Josh Powell did that was right in this whole scenario is have the good sense to blow himself up, of course, even that was a cowardly act to avoid incarceration.

Josh Powell: May You Burn On for Eternity

Hope you will link up your Throat Punch Thursday posts with me. I wanted to extend a personal invite to all of you to link up any posts in which you air a grievance, call out any asshatery,or just dole out a well deserved throat punch to one of societies shortcomings or political douche canoes. If not this week, I do it EVERY single Thursday and would love for any or all of you to join in! All you have to do is grab the Throat Punch Thursday button ( listed under the “about” tab at the top of the page), put it in your blog post and link up.Since GFC is abandoning  WordPress blogs in March please consider subscribing via RSS or email. May Brayden and Charlie Powell, rest in peace and be finally reunited with their mother’s loving arms. Josh Powell, may hell’s fire bring brighter and hotter just for you.

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