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by Deborah Cruz
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If you’ve landed here, we’ve somehow connected. Not like in a creepy stalkerish way but we’ve probably connected over some shared life experience, sad story or a good laugh. Maybe we’ve connected through social media or met at a conference. Or maybe you’re just a good old-fashioned stalker. In either case, I’m glad you found me…unless you’re a stalker.

Otherwise, you’re probably a wonderful PR person who is now wondering, “How the heck do I reach this lady so we can work together on a mutually beneficial campaign and I can pay her heaps of money to keep her kids in pointe shoes and gymnastics leotards?” And you may also be wondering, “Why does she keep writing in long, drawn out run-on sentences?” The answer, my friends, is because my daily life consists mostly of speaking to little people, a tween and people who live in my computer.

My point being that I would love to chat with you about relationships, babies, tweens (and everything in between) or working together. In fact, you can go here to get more information about the working together bit to here to find out more about me.

But if you want to connect on a daily basis, I’d recommend connecting through my social links below. I’m there all day, every day. It gives me something to do while waiting on line to take kids to and fro.

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Get in touch with me, I’ll reply as soon as possible!
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    I love hearing from you. Seriously, your emails make my day. If you want to say hello, let me know you’ve been there too or just want to ask me a question, please email me.



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