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Getting Healthy is Nothing a Little Blood, Sweat App and Tears Can’t Fix

If you read my post yesterday, you know that I have had a change of perspective. A way of thinking shift. A come to Jesus meting […]
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New Year + New Perspective + Gratitude + Positivity = Happiness

It’s January 2, 2019 and I am finally physically (and mentally) released from restrictions. New Year + New Perspective + gratitude = Happiness! This is what […]
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A Vaginal Cuff is Not an Accessory

What is a vaginal cuff ? Everwonder what that even means? I’ll be honest, I never even heard of the word before I got one. I can […]
5 steps for self reset break, meditation, introspection, self-care

5 Tips for a Self-Reset Break

As many of you know, I had surgery last week. It’s left me in a recovery state so I have invited a few of my favorite […]
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Take this Uterus and Shove It

Take this uterus and shove it! You ain’t welcome here no more! Remember that song? Take this job and shove it? Yeah, that’s how I’m feeling […]
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When You Realize that You Just had Your Last Period Ever

When you’re young, it feels like waiting forever for your period to come. Then, once you start, it feels like you are going to have a […]
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Why it’s so Important to Reflect on Loss and Grieve

International Pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day is a day of reflection for many parents. Sadly, there are so many parents who have lost infants and […]
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Why Christine Blasey Ford is a Hero to Inspire a Generation of Girls

I’ve been quiet about the Brett Kavanaugh and Dr.Christine Blasey Ford situation, not because I don’t believe it’s true but because it probably is. Kavanaugh aside, […]
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Why I’m Having a Hysterectomy before the Uterine Fibroids Kill Me

It stands to reason that since women’s superpower is that we can conceive, grow, birth and feed babies taking our uterus is like using Kryptonite on […]