Throat Punch Thursday,Jahnisha McIntosh

Jahnisha McIntosh my 1 regret is that I have only 1 Throat Punch to Give

I’ve heard of some moms making bad choices, but the series of choices that Jahnisha McIntosh made on March 14, 2012 takes the cake.  I don’t know if I want to cry for what her stupidity has cost her or punch her in the throat for being such a fricking moron in the first place.

TACOMA, Wash. — A mother who authorities say left her 3-year-old son unrestrained in a car after she placed a pistol under the driver’s seat has been charged with manslaughter in the death of the boy, who shot himself in the head while the woman went to get food.

Yes, that is right. Her boyfriend, Eric Vita, the registered owner of the gun got out of the car to go into a gas station, to not cause alarm he took off the gun and handed it to Jahnisha McIntosh. Unfortunately, he didn’t take into consideration that he was handing his loaded weapon to a complete mental midget. She slid the gun under the front passenger seat. Her little 3-year-old boy, Julio Seguro McIntosh, unfastened himself in the parked car and toddled to the front seat to ask his Mommy for candy and picked up the gun. She told the little boy, “No, leave that alone,” and took it away.

Jahnisha McIntosh

Julio Seguro McIntosh; Would You leave this Baby Alone with a Gun?

Jahnisha McIntosh, “I just want my Baby Back!”

Jahnisha McIntosh promptly removed the loaded gun from the passenger seat and put it under the driver’s side seat, so that little Julio could not reach it. I am not sure if she had a complete lapse of judgment, if she was just that freaking hungry or if she just assumed that Julio had more common sense than she did. She exited the vehicle, leaving the kids alone in the car with a loaded gun, to go inside to get food.

Wait! Listen, my fricking head just exploded!(It’s been doing that a lot this week). She left her unrestrained 3-year-old in the front seat of the car, within arms reach of a loaded gun and bonus…her 8-month-old baby girl was in the back seat. Makes me wonder, did this stupid bitch do this on purpose. Is it possible that anyone could be quite this damn stupid? Was she high? Is she crazy?

Who leaves little kids alone in a car? Hello, they could have been kidnapped, knocked the gear into drive and wrecked or ran over someone else or WORSE! Yes, the worse happened. Julio picked up the gun and shot himself in the head. His sister was unharmed.

Mr. Vita did the responsible thing by leaving the gun with Jahnisha McIntosh; unfortunately, the same can not be said for her. My throat punch goes to Jahnisha McIntosh. As a mother, I can imagine the pain and guilt her heart is feeling for this situation. But also, as a mother, I cannot fathom what the hell would compel a mother to leave her children alone in a car with a loaded gun. How many kids need to be shot by accidental discharges before the gun laws are changed? Julio’s death was the third shooting within 3 weeks in Washington.

Jahnisha McIntosh failure to Parent

What do you think should be the punishment for Jahnisha McIntosh?