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Seattle school shooting

Seattle School Shooting ~ You read that right. In case you weren’t already terrified enough of letting your kids out of your sight after Anders Behring Breivik or Levi Aron, nothing like a Seattle school shooting to remind you. According to Bremerton police, Wednesday, 2/22/12, a gun was brought to a Armin Jahr Elementary, in a 9 year old’s backpack. The gun accidentally discharged, critically wounding his 8-year-old classmate, Amina Bowman. Just like that we have a Seattle School shooting in the news. Amina was shot in the abdomen and had to be rushed to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, where she is now listed in critical condition.

Amina Bowman’s parents woke up yesterday morning and got their 8 year old daughter ready for school, not unlike I did my 6 year old. After some idle chit chat and excitement, they had breakfast, followed by drop off where they assumed she would safely spend her day. They kissed their little girl good bye, expecting her return that evening. Never could they have fathomed that this could be the last time they saw their little girl.

seattle school shooting,Bremerton Washington, Amina Bowman, Armin Jahir Elementary, NRA, gun dischargeThroat Punches all around.

The Asshats who fight for stupid people to have the right to bear arms. If you are going to fight so diligently for the right to bear arms, at the very least be equally as vigilant in your pursuit to have stupid assholes sterilized and/or given an IQ test before being handed a gun and the right to buy bullets.

Throat punch to the kid who brought the loaded gun to school in his backpack. Why did he have the gun in the first place? Was he planning on shooting up the entire school Columbine style? Is he a lunatic? Was it that easy for him to just grab a loaded gun on the way out the door to school? Don’t his parents check his backpack to see what homework he has or for correspondences from the teacher? It can’t be just me who does this?

Seattle School Shooting Terrifies Bremerton

Super sized Throat Punch to his idiot parents. Who keeps a loaded gun lying around the house with children? Who keeps the gun in a place that the child even knows about? Who taught this kid that it’s alright to handle firearms? Do these people NOT pay any attention to this child at all? I think the parents are at biggest fault overall. It was their responsibility to teach him better and if they are going to keep weapons of mass destruction lying around the house, lock them up or unload them. Put them in a locked gun chest. For the love of God, don’t teach your 9 year old that it’s okay to pick it up, put it in his backpack and go to school with it.

I’m pretty sure if I were Amina Bowman’s parents I would be asking that this little boy’s parents be punished to the full extent of the law, pay Amina’s medical bills, be publicly flogged and then maybe shot in the abdomen as well.

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What are your thoughts? What would you do if you were Amina’s parents? What’s the world coming to when the your 8-year-olds day ends with a Seattle school shooting?

Seattle School Shooting should have Never Happened