My Honeymoon & Wedding Day Mishaps Made Marriage Seem Easy

Remember your honeymoon?
My wedding and honeymoon were 15 years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. I’ve been helping my baby sister plan her wedding and I won’t lie it’s been taking me back to my own wedding and honeymoon. Weddings and honeymoons are all about new beginnings and starting your life […]

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Does the Washington Post Hate Women? #YesAllWomen

Oh look, the Washington Post thinks that for women to protect themselves from being victims of violence and rape we should all get married or live with our biological fathers because hey, if we’d all just stop being such cock-teasing whores for one minute and stopped taking lovers and made honest women of ourselves, we’d […]

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Are Alpha Women the Reason So Many Marriages Are Failing?

Do you think as Alpha Women are taking back their “bossy” and leaning in so hard that maybe we are forcing men out?
Are Alpha Women responsible for causing so many failed marriages and entitled kids who are products of these divorces? FOX news thinks so. Wait a minute…FOX news doesn’t think, they just speak.

I recently […]

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Hangry Wife, Unhappy LIfe

Hangry, are you familiar with the term?
Hangry is when a person who is hungry becomes unreasonably angry. I call it my Joe Pecsi side. I can be the kindest person you’ll ever meet but when my blood sugar gets low, I get the shakes, I feel faint and I go from sweetie to full […]

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How to be Happy this Valentine’s Day; No Date Needed

Happy Valentine’s Day!
This isn’t my usual gushy Valentine’s Day post that I write about the Big Guy. We are celebrating tomorrow night thanks to a couple of awesome grandparents who are keeping the girls overnight. I’m sure there’s a gushy post coming but this is not it. Nope today, I have been crazy busy […]

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What Women Really Want on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Can you believe it? Only 9 more days until the world explodes with expressions and overt gestures of love. Oh, I love LOVE.
When I was in my early 20′s Valentine’s Day was all about having a guy to shower me with some gift that I could show […]

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They Said til Death Do Us Part

There was one thing that scared me a bit in 2013; Divorce. There sure were a lot of people getting divorced. Even people who you thought were perfect for one another and had great marriages, suddenly they were done. I started to believe that maybe marriage had a shelf life even after you made […]

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Good Girls & Double Standards: The Whore/ Virgin Dilemma

Dear Preston Waters,

I read your piece about good girls today being as illusive as the unicorn; non-existent. I hope you are wrong. I am a unicorn who is currently raising two unicorns (as you call them). I am teaching them to have respect for themselves and do what makes them happy in life. Life […]

How do You KNOW When You are Done Having Babies?

We are on baby watch 2014. My brother-in-law and his wife are in the hospital, as I type, being induced with their first child. I am so thrilled for them to welcome their little girl into the world. It brings back all those nostalgic excited feelings of expecting our first and then our second […]

Operation Man Cave

The Big Guy is the sole male in our house, unless you count the Guinea Pig, Ted Koppel, but we don’t. My husband has learned to love pink and embrace all things fluffy and sweet; well, mostly. He is still a man after all and he is trying really hard to carve out a […]

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