I Just Got Lee Harvey Oswalded

I'm not usually one to give relationship advice but when marital relations with children in the house is the topic, I feel it's my duty to warn you about the dangers, especially the Lee Harvey Oswald. No, I didn’t just get shot in the head in Texas and there's been no grass on the knoll since 1997. But, yes, [...]

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What the Romance of Marriage Really Looks Like

The romance of marriage might not look anything like what you thought it would when you first fell in love. Then again, nothing ever does. Hell, I was the best parent in the world before I gave birth and I had a very specific vision of what my romantic life with the man I loved [...]

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That’s What She Said

When the Big Guy and I met, we were in college. We, literally, had nothing to offer one another but ourselves. We were young, babies really; at the funny age where you look like an adult but you just don’t have the wisdom and experience in life to be a real grown up. Ours was [...]

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Life’s Sweetest Moments are Better Together

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by FiberOne through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about FiberOne Streusel Bars, all opinions are my own. It’s been a crazy few weeks. The summer was spent busily planning for my sister’s wedding, traveling and meeting deadlines. It was chock-full of some of life’s [...]

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Why Mexican Food and Sex Don’t Mix

Mexican food does not mix well with sex and it's not for the reason that you might think. It has nothing to do with beans, though, I am sure that has it's own set of consequences. Mexican Subway anyone. ( Just Google it. You know you want to.) This is something my mom should have [...]

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Finally, “Normal”

Maybe you can’t relate to my particular circumstances, maybe you can. Marriage is hard, especially when you love your spouse and worse, if you like him. You can imagine what shit mine has been since my husband is, quite literally, my best friend. For the past 5 years (almost 6), we have been “not normal.” [...]

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The Last Bite; A Love Story

I don’t talk about the Big Guy very much on here because, well, this isn’t the truth about my marriage blog. But sometimes, he does something and I think I really need to write about this…to remember it, to appreciate my marriage. You know when you’ve been married to someone for 15 years, no matter [...]

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The Freedom to be Spontaneous with the Gift that Keeps On Giving Every Time the #TheMoodStrikes

I am a member of collective bias and this shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and it’s advertiser. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone. Warning: This is a PG-13 post in which I discuss marital relations between consulting adults but if you are easily offended by discussing adult themed topics, you are welcome [...]

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Sleeping Apart ~ The One Marriage, Two Bedroom Conundrum

Do you and your spouse sleep in the same bed every night or do you enjoy sleeping apart? We don't. In fact, most nights we don't. Is getting sleep that important? Hell yeah, says the insomniac who works late nights and has two young children. Sleep is the best thing ever, except for Ambien sex. [...]

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