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Antoinette Tuff Saves Atlanta Children from Gun Wielding Maniac & Excuse My Use of Hyperbole

Today I want to introduce you to a real life hero Antoinette Tuff because I decided that the world needs one less Throat Punch today. In light of recent events, I feel the need to clarify that you all know that my Throat Punches are not literal, right? I mean, I am not some caped, unitard wearing crusader running around the streets of the world LITERALLY throat punching bad M... »

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Letter to Parents of Autistic Teen, Max Begley: “You have a Retarded Kid, deal with it!” Not a Hate Crime

  WTF is wrong with people? I have seen some pretty crazy shit in my lifetime but nothing compares to the disturbing letter written by an anonymous Newcastle, Ontario neighbor calling herself, “One Pissed Off Mother” urging the parents of a 13-year-old autistic teen, Max Begley, to “…take whatever non-retarded body parts he possesses and donate it to science…R... »

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An Open Letter to in Regard to Fertility Issues

  Dear Babble, What were you thinking running the article about Motherlode columnist, Amy Klein’s fertility issues, titled Should We Be Sympathetic to a 42-Year-Old’s Fertility Struggles? May I ask, were all the editors on vacation? Was there a hiatus on good judgment and common decency? Seriously, wtf were you thinking? Normally, I am a fan of Babble. Many of my friends write there and... »

Wireless Baby Monitor Hacked while Pervert Shouts Sexual Obscenities at Toddler~ Throat Punch Thursday

Wireless Baby Monitor Hacked while Pervert Shouts Sexual Obscenities at Toddler~ Throat Punch Thursday

Did you know that a wireless baby monitor could be hacked? Did you use audio monitors when your children were babies? I did. In fact, I couldn’t have slept at all in the past 8 years without mine; sleeping in the same room was getting old. Now, video monitors and wireless cams are all the rage, the norm even, in baby monitoring. Technology has come so far, why wouldn’t we take advantage of the opp... »

Catherine Schaible, Herberty Schaible,Pneumonia. faith healing, murder

Faith-Healer Parents, Catherine & Herbert Schaible, face Murder Charges for Letting 2nd Child Die~ Throat Punch Thursday

It’s Thursday and do I have a throat punch for you; a Philadelphia fundamentalist Christian couple, Herbert and Catherine Schaible, are being charged with third degree murder for refusing to seek medical attention for their baby who had pneumonia and died. Catherine and Herbert Schaible are being charged in the faith-healing death of their 8-month-old son, Brandon, who died in April of pneumonia a... »

Dzhokhar Tzarnaev, Boston

Rolling Stone’s Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Cover is Unconscionable ~Throat Punch Thursday

Rolling Stone Magazine has got it’s August 1 issue all wrong by plastering a glammed up photo of  19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Bomber, on the cover of it’s latest issue. At first glance, you might mistake the young murderer for a cool devil may care attitude rock musician. He’s attractive with tousled hair, five o’clock shadow and a come hither stare and then you realize that yo... »

Robyn Lawley, plus size, bathing suits, fashion, Throat Punch Thursday

Robyn Lawley Says Size 8 is Plus Sized ~Throat Punch Thursday

Robyn Lawley launched a plus sized clothing line that starts at size 8.8!!!!! As if girls today don’t have enough of a challenging existence just trying to survive the teen years with their self-esteem and body image in tact, now we are labeling average sized women as plus sized.What message is that sending? And honestly, do we grown women need any more media outlets to tell us we could lose a few... »

Dear Fat Chicks Please Wear Clothes That Fit You~Throat Punch Thursday

Dear Fat Chicks Please Wear Clothes That Fit You~Throat Punch Thursday

I saw the following on a message board. Am I surprised? No, because people are kind of assholes and people really act like assholes when they can hide behind a computer screen. “WHY do SOME very obese women wear clothes 4 sizes too small?” Apparently, we’ve never heard of the phrase, live and let live. Look, I am not so tragically obese that I roam the aisles of Wal-Mart with my belly ... »

James Gandolfini, The Sopranos, Dead, Massive Heart Attack

James Gandolfini “Sopranos” Star Dead of Massive Heart Attack at age 51 ~Throat Punch Thursday

James Gandolfini RIP James Gandolfini, the New Jersey bred Italian–American actor who was most famously known for his portrayal of the endearing mob boss with a heart, Tony Soprano on the series “The Sopranos,” has died of a massive heart attack today while on holiday in Rome at the age of 51. Pin It »

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Throat Punch Thursday~ You’re Crazy Edition

You’re crazy! Oh My God, she is acting so bipolar! I can’t go shopping this afternoon, I am so depressed! Get over it. Take a chill pill! Don’t have a panic attack. We hear these statements made almost daily. For some, they may seem harmless but to those of us who suffer from these diagnoses, it’s far from funny.  It’s serious. My chemical imbalance is not your bad mood. My battle with eating diso... »

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