Good Girls & Double Standards: The Whore/ Virgin Dilemma

Dear Preston Waters,

I read your piece about good girls today being as illusive as the unicorn; non-existent. I hope you are wrong. I am a unicorn who is currently raising two unicorns (as you call them). I am teaching them to have respect for themselves and do what makes them happy in life. Life is […]

Happy Halloween~ No Treat for You Fatty! Throat Punch Thursday

Tonight is Halloween. Kids wait for this one day the other 364 days of the year. What would you do if tomorrow night your sweet little girl went up to a neighbor’s house trick or treating and instead of getting a treat, she got sized up by the neighbor and the neighbor handed her a […]

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What Happens When the Teacher Isn’t Paying Attention & Your Child Gets Hurt?

I don’t usually complain about my kid’s school. In fact, I mostly love their school. If you have children in a parochial school you already know this but kids who attend parochial just seem to consider consequences of actions more than the average kid. Our children’s education is based on a foundation of charity, family and […]

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I think Martha Stewart Might Hate Bloggers but I’m No Expert

My Throat Punch Thursday this week goes to the lady with the disdain for the bloggers who work for her, Ms. Martha Stewart herself. You, my friends, are no experts and Ms. Stewart has a gripe about that. Well, I have a gripe with Ms. Martha Stewart and her condescending attitude towards bloggers and it […]

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Her Name is Not FAT AMY, it’s Rebel Wilson & Her Weight’s None of Your Business

Let me start by saying that I think Rebel Wison is the tits. She is hilarious, gorgeous, brave and in your face. Brave because there is no topic she won’t take on. But still, as a woman, our bodies make us vulnerable and criticism is like kryptonite. No matter how hard you try to ignore the […]

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Bitch Better Have My 300 Sandwiches-Throat Punch Thursday

Stephanie Smith, beautiful, seemingly intelligent, New York Post writer and author of blog is on a mission to create 300 sandwiches for her gourmet wannabe Alexander Skarsgard lookalike boyfriend.(Shame on you Stephanie for even saying that.) Apparently, before he ever even gets his lazy ass out of bed he likes to ask her how […]

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The French Ban Beauty Pageants & It’s About Time

French Government bans beauty pageants. So, looks like I might be moving to France! Don’t fret. I am raising girls and trying to raise them to value themselves on more than just what they look like and the size of their asses so a move may be inevitable. The French Senate voted early Wednesday to […]

Nina Davuluri was Crowned Miss America & if that Bothers You, You Might be a Racist!

I was going to write a post about my girls today, instead I am writing about Miss New York, Nina Davuluri, winning Miss America. Why? Because apparently racism is running rampant and it demands to be discussed so that our children know better. People are very ignorant and say awful things when hiding behind a […]

Miley Cyrus You Came In Like A Wrecking Ball ~Throat Punch Thursday

Dear Miley Cyrus,
“Don’t you ever say I just walked away/ I will always want you/ I can’t live a lie, running for my life/ I will always want you”

Haven’t we all been here? That one big love that just wrecks you. I’d say Miley is just about on time. I know I had a couple of these in […]

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September 11th ~ A Mother’s Vulnerabilty Exposed

September 11th ~ Vulnerable. Like an open wound, that is how I would describe how I felt when I woke up this morning. There are instances in life that are so shocking, so painful and profound that you are stunned that they are actually even taking place. These are the events that your brain may […]

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