Throat Punch Thursday ~It’s Not over til the World’s Fattest Woman Sings or Dies…. whichever comes first Edition

Willfully the World’s Fattest Woman, Susanne Eman is a 32 year old single mother from Casa Grande, Arizona. Her sons are Gabriel, 16, and Brendin , 12. She has already bypassed  Donna Simpson’s record at  50 stone. In case you were wondering, 50 stone is 700 pounds. Her goal is to be 115 stone by the time she is 41 or 42.  That is 1610 pounds. That, my friends, is a metric ton. That is... »

jours apres lunes

Throat Punch Thursday~ Jours Apres Lunes …Je Acuse!

Jours Apres Lunes , Je Acuse! Jours Apres Lunes you get a big fat Throat Punch for creating a line of “loungerie” for children. Yes, you read that correctly. A line of sexy loungerie has been created for the 3 month to preteen set.Yes, I did say 3 month! Look, I’m not a prude. My girls wear bikinis. I even let them wear flavored lip balm. But under no circumstances would it ever ... »

Throat Punch Thursday~ Sesame street, gay wedding, gay marriage

Throat Punch Thursday ~Sesame Street’s Big Fat Gay Wedding

I am all for equal opportunity in every aspect of life, including a gay wedding and marriage. I wish that every single person in the entire world could be free to live their life without judgement or persecution regardless of color, race, religion or sexual preference. But, alas, that is not the world we live in. Sadly, we don’t live in a world of acceptance or understanding instead we even ... »

Courtney Stodden, Krista Stodden, Doug Hutchison, Throat Punch Thursday

Throat Punch Thursday~ Dead Man Walking Meets A Whored Out Fame Monger, Your Mama(Krista Stodden) Sucks Edition!

Once upon a time a woman named Krista Stodden had a baby girl named Courtney Stodden. Sixteen years later, that “Mother” gave permission to her daughter to marry a creepy old man. 3X.HER.AGE!!! Courtney Stodden what are you thinking? Oh yeah, you were thinking that marrying a famous creepy old man would be a pretty savvy career move. We all know what Doug Hutchison was thinking and wit... »

Throat punch Thursday

Throat Punch Thursday ~Crushing Debt Ceiling Edition

Debt Ceiling crushing the American People The debt ceiling that is crushing the spirit of the American people is the recipient of my Throat Punch this Thursday. I am by no stretch of the imagination a financial analyst and I don’t pretend to understand every aspect of the debt that is slowly strangling our nation. I am, however, strange as it may be, a political scientist and am I embarrasse... »

Anders Behring Breivik, Oslo

The Scariest Thing about Parenthood ~ Anders Behring Breivik A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Anders Behring Breivik Once we become parents, our biggest fear instantly becomes losing a child and it becomes our life’s mission to avoid this ever happening, at all cost. Knowing this, you can understand why, for parents of the world, this past weekend was our worst nightmare realized. Anders Behring Breivik On Friday afternoon, the events that transpired in Oslo were the shots heard roun... »

Throat Punch Thursday ~Marissa’s Bunny the Trust Abusing Blogger Edition

  This week’s Throat Punch Thursday goes to the blogging mastermind behind Marissa’s Bunny blog.There’s a lot of sick people in the world and a lot of them have access to the internet, as evidenced by people googling search terms like ” chloroforming your child” and “little people having sex.”  This is nothing new to me. I’m sure you are not sur... »

Throat Punch Thursday (Leiby Kletzky)~ A Parent’s Worst Nightmare Edition

This weeks Throat Punch goes first and foremost to the monster who abducted and murdered Leiby Kletzky, Levi Aron. I made a vlog that I will share but I’d like to elaborate a bit. In my opinion, this animal, Levi Aron came like a thief in the night and stole the life of Leiby Kletzky’s parents. He stole the safety of a community and the innocence of the city’s children.He’s... »

Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony~Jury Gives Free Pass to Homicidal Mommy

Today, a travesty of epic proportions has taken place in our judicial system, Casey Anthony was not found guilty of killing her little girl, Caylee Anthony. Casey Anthony was the mother, and I use this term loosely, of the 2 year old murder victim.I, like most mothers in the world, was emotionally outraged from the court room antics and the entire situation surrounding the case. Casey Anthony~Jury... »

Throat Punch Thursday,kim hall, richard thomas, university of vermont, cherice Moralez

Throat Punch Thursday ~ When Bloggers Attack Edition

Throat Punch Thursday ~ When Bloggers Attack Edition Yesterday, I caught a tweet between bloggers referring to the Guardian’s article about Heather Armstrong’s ( @Dooce) trip to Bangladesh with Every Mother Counts. Of course, I read the article and to my dismay it was a condescending piece of crap. I have been following Heather’s recount of her trip to Bangladesh on her blog. I h... »

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