Throat Punch Thursday~ Sandusky the Pedo & the Moral Negligence of Joe Paterno and Mike McQueary Edition

Throat Punch Thursday Paterno Style
Joe Paterno ~ What the f*ck is going on over at Penn State? Since when did Penn State college football become more important than a defensive coordinator sexually abusing underprivileged children? When did our society become so nonchalant and tolerant of abuse of any kind towards a child? Childhood is to […]

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Throat Punch Thursday~Judge William Adams, Jury and Executioner Edition

Judge William Adams ~ Judge, Jury and Executioner. I have awarded the Throat Punch to some of, what I would consider, the most unsavory characters in the world but this recipient may be the most deserving ever. […]

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Throat Punch Thursday ~ Baby Lisa Disappeared into Thin Air Edition

Baby Lisa
Baby Lisa Irwin~ Not going to lie, I am a little emotionally spent after yesterday’s coming out of the diagnosis closet post but this Throat Punch had to be issued. It’s been a long time coming. Baby Lisa Irwin is the 10 month old baby from Kansas City who mysteriously disappeared into thin air […]

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Throat Punch Thursday ~ Dress code; No PJs for YOU Edition


Dress code for parents at Drop Off ~ My daughter goes to private elementary school and I love her school. It keeps the focus on academics and spirituality and that is super cool because that is why I’m spending my life savings getting my girls the education and environment that I feel is most conducive […]

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Throat Punch Thursday~ Prenup Agreement~You look Better with the Lights Off Edition

Prenup Agreement ~ A prenuptial agreement, often shortened to “prenup,” is a legal agreement entered into by an engaged couple prior to being married. The prenuptial agreement provides for an agreed upon distribution of assets if the marriage ends in divorce.

Let me preface this by saying that I am absolutley anti-prenup in 99% of marriages. […]

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Throat Punch Thursday~ Unhealthiness, Thy Name is Obesity


Obesity~ The epidemic that is causing broken hearts and leaving dead bodies in it’s wake all across the world but more specifically in my own home country of  the United States. It’s no wonder either. We are a people that live fast paced, on the go and high stress existences. We are always running to […]

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Throat Punch Thursday ~ Dr.Oz of Arsenic and Apple Juice

Arsenic is harmless?
Dr.Oz of Arsenic and Apple Juice~ I won’t lie, I was a little disturbed when I heard the report last month about Mott’s apple juice and it’s high amounts of arsenic. Arsenic?? Yes, I know, like everybody else who’s ever taken a science class in elementary school, that apple seeds have arsenic in […]

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Throat Punch Thursday~ Love thy Amanda Nabers Edition

Amanda Nabers, shame on you!
This week, Amanda Nabers wins the prize for most obscenely negligent and deviant mother . Originally, this week’s Throat Punch Thursday was going to all the crazies boycotting DWTS because of Chaz Bono . But Amanda Nabers actions were a little too heinous to ignore. Who is this Amanda Nabers of […]

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Throat Punch Thursday ~JCPenney’s Too Pretty for Homework Edition

JcPenney’s; When Your daughter is Too Sexy to be Smart
JCPenney’s got the market cornered on bad choices today. It started with a bad product choice and only got worse with the ridiculous marketing.

“Who has time for homework when there’s a new Justin Bieber album out? She’ll love this tee that’s just as cute and sassy […]

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Throat Punch Thursday ~It’s Not over til the World’s Fattest Woman Sings or Dies…. whichever comes first Edition

Willfully the World’s Fattest Woman, Susanne Eman is a 32 year old single mother from Casa Grande, Arizona. Her sons are Gabriel, 16, and Brendin , 12. She has already bypassed  Donna Simpson’s record at  50 stone. In case you were wondering, 50 stone is 700 pounds. Her goal is to be 115 stone by […]

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