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Just Add Disney

To make my girls happy is easy, just add Disney.February is halfway done and I can feel March coming a little too quickly. My daughter is turning 9. 9!! I’ve been really busy trying to plan a great surprise destination spring break for the girls but I don’t want to sweep the birthday under the rug, even though it is just 2 short weeks before spring break. I want it to be special but not outrageous... »

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Isn’t Your Daughter More than Just a Princess?

When I was a little girl, I was raised that little girls did “girl things” like play with baby dolls and Barbie dolls. Boys played with legos and lincoln logs. Girls were pretty and boys were dirty. Boys got to have all the fun while all I got to do was chores and play with toys that taught me how to be a “young lady“. Enter easy bake ovens, play houses, baby dolls who crie... »

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$100 Shabby Apple GC #Giveaway for this Holiday Season

One of my favorite things to receive as a Christmas gift and a staple on my holiday gift guide, aside from tech toys, is shoes and clothes and that is why Shabby Apple is top on my list of holiday must haves. To me, almost nothing beats the feminine silhouettes, simple charm and sophistication of vintage fashion. This is why I have several vintage inspired pieces from Shabby Apple. The quality is ... »

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American Girl Molly and Emily: The Best Friend’s Collection Every Little Girl’s Holiday Wish

I am doing my first ever Holiday Gift Guide and I couldn’t be more excited about the pieces that I am including this year on my list. These are some of my family’s favorite and most coveted items. I think your family will find them to be pretty amazing, as well. Why not start with one of my girls’ favorite gifts of all time, American Girl Dolls! Christmas is right around the corn... »

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Something for the Kids ~Disney Junior Live on Tour!Pirate & Princess Adventure

In a couple weeks, Disney Junior Live On Tour! Pirate & Princess Adventure is coming to our town and lucky me, I’ve been offered tickets for review to take my girls. They will be ecstatic. They love Sofia the First and Jake and the Neverland pirates. A little bird also told me that there might be a couple surprise guests; paging Doc McStuffins! I can’t wait to surprise my girls on Friday... »

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Brian James ~ Where Sexy Meets Comfort

While in Chicago this past summer I discovered a new footwear company, Brian James Footwear. Never heard of them? Me neither. Where do I live? Under a rock? Maybe. The pair I have are a pair of gladiator sandals called the Angelle and they are gorgeous. They are soft, silky black suede with a padded foot bed, ankle support and a flexible sole. They were made for me. Anyone who knows me knows that ... »

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A Journey of a Thousand Miles #Sponsored

Nutrisystem is keeping me focused. It’s been one of those kinds of weeks; you know the ones where you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off? The ones that start off with you trying to beat the clock on some deadlines and ends with you almost falling out of your attic. I’m telling you, some higher power yanked my by the back of my t-shirt and saved my life. Staying on course was ... »

Nutrisystem is Changing My Perspective of Me #Sponsored

I just finished week 3 of being on the Nutrisystem program; I’m down 9.2 pounds and 18 inches, in 21 days! I am in the 230′s not the 240′s and that makes me very happy. In fact, I’m ecstatic. If Nutrisystem were a person, I’d kiss it on the lips! This change has been about much more than just weight and inches, though there is a satisfaction in seeing changing numbers and feeling... »


Nutrisystem is a Lifestyle Change not a Quick Fix #Sponsored

I am so behind; I started writing my Nutrisystem update on Monday and am just now getting around to posting it. Please tell me that I am not the only one who is running her mommy butt off this summer? I thought summer was supposed to be relaxing. My summer is less like a day at the beach and more like a runaway train.Granted the chasing bubbles and chalk art is glorious but damn it, I don’t ... »

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Shabby Apple Giveaway~ Two Lucky Winners Will WIN a $100 Gift Certificate

It’s Friday, so I’m giving you some gorgeous fashion via Many of you know that sells gorgeous, vintage style dresses that are feminine and playful, yet modest and sexy. Believe me, I spend most of my days dressed in uber casual sub par yoga wear so I get pretty excited about clothing that makes me feel like a woman and not a house frau. I’ve featured Shabby Apple i... »

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