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The Big”O”

Today, I am turning 40. The Big O! I’m not 100% where I stand on the entire situation but I do know three things 1) I’m in a much better place than when I turned 30 and had a complete meltdown assessing all the things in life that I had not yet accomplished 2) I am completely content with who I am now. I am still striving to reach my goals and make my dreams come true but them coming true is only ... »

All Are Welcome

If you are here looking for Throat Punch Thursday, I am on vacation and Throat Punch Thursday will resume at it’s regularly scheduled time next week. I just coudn’t bring myself to throat punch someone while siting by the pool in the warm Florida sun. Of course, if some zombie like bastard high on bath salts tries to gnaw my baby girls’ faces off, I am fully prepared to Chuck Nor... »

You are my sunshine

The TRUTH about Motherhood is that You are My Sunshine

  My guest writer today is the magnificent Erin Margolin. I say magnificent because getting to know her as a writer, a woman, a mother and a true, honest to goodness, friend, I know that this woman is one of a kind. Her soul is deep, her heart is kind and it all shows in her writing. It is truly my honor to share with you, my friend and talented writer, Erin Margolin. Do yourself a favor and ... »

Full Hands

I am sitting by the pool in Florida, watching my girls frolic in the water under the warm Florida sun as I get a little too much sun exposure. It is heavenly and I miss you all very much but in my absence, I have some fabulous guest writers stopping by. I know that you will love them as much as I do. Today’s guest writer is Jessica Watson, the amazing author of Four Plus an Angel.  She can a... »

vintage shopping, crushworthy moms, fashionhunters, Alison Kleinert, Karina Lepiner, BRavo

Fashion Friday~ Vintage Shopping with Crushworthy Moms

Vintage Shopping Vintage Shopping with the most Crushworthy moms ~Today, I am honored to have the very awesome and super fabulous Fashionistas, Alison  and Karina (She turned this into a job by working at Second Time Around and starring in Bravo’s “Fashion Hunters”) of guest posting on Fashion Friday.  You are in for a treat if you aren’t already familiar with these ladie... »

Scary Mommy

I am a Scary Mommy

I am A Scary Mommy Today, I have the honor and pleasure of being a guest at Scary Mommy .com . I am beyond thrilled that Jill invited me to share my Scary Mommy moment on her space. If you are new here. »

Celebrate Good Times

Celebrate~ Today is one of my favorite people in the entire universe’s ( bloggy or otherwise) blogiversary, Bruna at Bee’s with Honey. She is an amazing wife, mother, writer and friend. We met through Twitter and I must tell you all , do yourself a favor and follow this wonderful lady with a big smile  and big heart. I am sure that you will love her as much as I do. Celebrate Good Time... »

curious kids

What Really Happens when Curious Kids Burst through the Door Unexpectedly

Curious Kids~ My girls are curious to a fault. They have to know, see, and hear absolutely everything that goes on in the house. »

….And Then I BECAME a MOM!

….And Then I BECAME a MOM!

Today, I have the pleasure of having one of my favorite people and a fantastically talented writer, my great friend, the lovely Laura Willard of A(n)(Un)Common Family guest post as my final guest in my month long 2nd year blogiversary celebration. “And while being a mom is a huge part of who I am – the part that changed me in ways nothing else could, that made me get in touch with an inner s... »

Never Compare Yourself to Another Mother

Never Compare Yourself to Another Mother

I am absolutely giddy that today one of my favorite Mamas in the blogisphere is gracing the page at The TRUTH about Motherhood in celebration of my 2nd Blogiversary. Peryl Manning, better known from her highly popular blog Parenting Ad Absurdum . “An irreverent, humorous and honest look at what it is truly like to parent small children, the highs and lows, the thrilling parts and the not-so-... »

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