Autumn pasquale, Justin Robinson, Dante Robinson

Autumn Pasquale

Two teenage brothers, Justin,15, and Dante, 17,  Robinson, have been charged with allegedly murdering of 12-year-old, Autumn Pasquale, who disappeared while riding her BMX bike. After a 48-hour search for Autumn Pasquale, investigators found her body stuffed into a recycling bin behind a vacant house next to the one where the boys lived with their family. These sociopaths beat her, strangled her and stuffed her into the bin like a piece of garbage. This was someone’s little girl.

A tip from the boys’ mother is what led police to the little girl’s body. She contacted the authorities when she was alarmed by one of the boy’s Facebook postings. It’s not been released what exactly the post was but it must have been outrageous to cause a mother to turn her own children in. Can you imagine how hard that must have been?

When crime scene investigators went through the family’s home, they found Autumn Pasquale ‘s BMX bike, her backpack and other belongings.

Several people in Autumn Pasquale’s small hometown of Clayton, New Jersey said they saw both boys at the vigil held Monday night for Autumn. They had the balls to stand among her friends and family and al the people who were praying for her safe return, all the while knowing that she was never coming home because she was dead. Autumn was in the recycling bin, because those little sick fucks put her there.

Justin Robinson lured her to their house with the promise of trading BMX parts, where Justin and Dante Robinson strangled a little girl for her bike, stole her from all the people who loved her and then they tossed her out trash.

Autumn Pasquale, Justin Robinson, Dante Robinson

Both boys turned themselves in Tuesday and have been charged with first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, disposing of a body, tampering with evidence and theft. The younger boy is also charged with luring.

The brothers, who are 15 and 17, are charged as juveniles. But Prosecutor Sean Dalton said it’s likely he’ll ask that their case be moved to adult court.

As the mother of little girls, I can’t imagine what her parents are going through. I’d imagine they are beside themselves with grief and anger. The mother of the boys, my heart breaks for her because it could not have been an easy choice to turn her sons in but she did what was right. This case has left two families broken and one little girl dead.

These boys are monsters and need to be locked away from society. They are obviously dangerous if they can be so cold and commit such a heinous crime at such a young age with no remorse and have the gall to not only throw Autumn Pasquale in the garbage but to attend her vigil and look her parents in the eyes knowing what they did. They are deviants. A throat punch is too good for these boys.

My heart goes out to their mother and the parents of Autumn Pasquale.

Autumn Pasquale may you rest in peace