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I'm Deborah, my friends call me Debi, and the Internet has known me as TruthfulMommy. I'm a Latina Blogger, Mom, Wife, writer and I've been called a Social Media Influencer ( hey, I've been called worse ;), originally from Chicago. I have 2 girls and married my best friend, the Big Guy. I love travel, tech, fast cars, fashion and good food. I'm living unapologetically for the first time ever. Life's too short to sugarcoat the truth or be unhappy. Welcome to the TRUTH. Please feel free to leave a comment, I love fresh perspective and intelligent debate.

A Little Pampering Goes a Long Way #LlevalaSuave

This week I left the frigid below zero temperatures of the Midwest bound for LA and 70 degree weather to attend the #WeAllGrow Summit for Latinas. To say that I’m excited is a gross understatement. I’ve been doing all the usual fun conference stuff like obsessing over what to wear (in LA since I’ve never […]

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How to Survive the “Science Fair”

Have you survived your first science fair as a parent yet?
This may sound like a helpful post but really, be forewarned, there is no actual help here to be had, only tears, yelling and frustration. No, this my fellow weary, exhausted parents is a piece of commiseration because all one can really hope for is […]

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Making Memories When You Least Expect It #SoMuchMore

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Johnson’s® and Latina Bloggers Connect but all opinions are my own.

Remember when your children were tiny and they depended on you for absolutely everything? Those first couple of years felt like they lasted forever. They were arduous and while down in those trenches of motherhood, I’m pretty […]

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The Burden of Being a Fat Woman

I am fat.
I hate saying those words. For me, it’s admitting defeat. As if somehow writing it down and posting it makes it real. I have eyes. I can plainly see that I’m overweight. I have been for years and all the pulling and tugging at my clothes will not change that. Most days I […]

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Dad Refuses to Abandon Son with Down Syndrome, Mom Divorces Him

In Armenia, a baby boy was born with Down syndrome. His father, Samuel Forrest heard his newborn son’s cries, as he excitedly waited outside of his wife’s delivery room to meet him. But the new father was not immediately invited into the room. Instead, this happened.
“This pediatrician walks out of the room with a little […]

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Strong Like A Girl #LikeAGirl

” Like a Girl ” what does that even mean? Like a boss? Like your best? Like you? Bigger? Bolder? Brighter? Faster? Harder? Stronger? Longer? Better? I’ve never gotten that phrase and I’ve always hated the negative connotation that is inferred by it. I’m a woman and I love being a woman. I don’t think being […]

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Dog is My Co-Pilot #StreamTeam

My dog, Lola, is more than just a pet. She surpasses anything I would have ever imagined that a family pet could be. She is part of our family. In fact, with the girls in school all day now and the Big Guy at work, she is my closest companion.

Lola came into our lives one […]

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Can Yoga Pants Really be the Downfall of Man?

I read the post Veronica Partridge, Oregon mom and wife, wrote after having a conversation about yoga pants and how when women wear them “it creates a stronger attraction for a man to look at a woman’s body and may cause them to think lustful thoughts” and her choice to stop wearing yoga pants so […]

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Teachers Humiliate Students with Mandatory Poop Inspection: File Under WTF!

Apparently, in Gustine, Texas (wherever the hell that may be) a group of elementary school students were “asked” to lower their pants for a semi-strip search and poop inspection of their tiny tushes on Monday.(OK, I just used the word tushes instead of asses but make no mistake, this is not acceptable or meant to be […]

Finally, “Normal”

Maybe you can’t relate to my particular circumstances, maybe you can. Marriage is hard, especially when you love your spouse and worse, if you like him. You can imagine what shit mine has been since my husband is, quite literally, my best friend.

For the past 5 years (almost 6), we have been “not normal.” Well, […]

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