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I'm Deborah, my friends call me Debi, and the Internet has known me as TruthfulMommy. I'm a Latina Blogger, Mom, Wife, writer and I've been called a Social Media Influencer ( hey, I've been called worse ;), originally from Chicago. I have 2 girls and married my best friend, the Big Guy. I love travel, tech, fast cars, fashion and good food. I'm living unapologetically for the first time ever. Life's too short to sugarcoat the truth or be unhappy. Welcome to the TRUTH. Please feel free to leave a comment, I love fresh perspective and intelligent debate.

The Presidential Debate and the One Thing All Americans Can Agree On

I can’t think of a better analogy about last night’s presidential debate than one that would be approved by NRA endorsed Donald Trump himself. Donald Trump was so out of his league in experience, diplomacy and, yes, even presidential “stamina” at the first presidential debate that he indeed brought a metaphorical knife of skills to [...]

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Definitive Proof that Too Much Sex is Unhealthy

Oh you read that title right? And I'm the barely living proof. In case you’ve been wondering where the hell I’ve been all week, I got taken out of the game by a U.T.I. Yep, I said it. No alibi just a damn U.T.I. I’m feeling like I’m upside down in the middle of nowhere. [...]

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Wicked Good for the Entire Family

Feeling a little wicked this morning. Something just has my heart nostalgic for quieter times. We are caught up in the storm and chaos of everyday life. Somehow, it seems like the world just spins a little faster once school starts back. I thought things were crazy when the Big Guy and I were dating [...]

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My Daughter Taught Me an Invaluable Lesson

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is one of our family’s favorite animated movies. It has been since before we even had children. In fact, when I met my husband it may have been one of the first things we had in common; we both loved the story of Belle the beauty and how she saw [...]

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The Killer Look Every Woman Needs

It’s Friday! Summer is winding down but we’ve got a few lazy weekends left until the leaves start changing color. I don’t know about you but I am looking more forward to this long weekend than I used to look forward to Friday nights when I was in my 20’s. I can’t wait to sleep [...]

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Mommy in a Coma

I feel like I've been in a mommy coma for the past 10 years. While all of you are trying to find your way back to who you were before you had your kids, I think I've spent so much time putting out fires that I forgot to enjoy the last 10 years of motherhood. [...]

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No Air

Sometimes I forget that I live in a world full of triggers. Sometimes I forget just how terrible reality can be. How sad and empty the world is without certain people and then something happens and it’s like life shakes me hard to remind me just how fragile life is. I think this is what [...]

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All You Need is Love

Why is it that toddlers always want to watch the same show on repeat over and over again? Maybe it’s something about the comfort of routine or maybe toddlers just have really addictive personalities. All I know is that there were a couple years when I thought the Wiggles were going to drive me insane. [...]

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I’ll Miss His Smile

There are people who come into our lives and make it better, people who make you want to smile. They might not do anything in particularly special but to you those simple actions; a kind word, a crooked smile or a hand and heart of support make them everything to you. These people matter and [...]

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Financial Planning Made Easy

Disclosure: This is a compensated campaign about financial planning in collaboration with brightpeak financial® and Latina Bloggers Connect. For as long as I can remember, I’ve worried about my finances. I grew up poor. A child of a good Catholic immigrant and a southern housewife. There were six children and only my father worked outside [...]

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