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I'm Deborah, my friends call me Debi, and the Internet has known me as TruthfulMommy. I'm a Latina Blogger, Mom, Wife, writer and I've been called a Social Media Influencer ( hey, I've been called worse ;), originally from Chicago. I have 2 girls and married my best friend, the Big Guy. I love travel, tech, fast cars, fashion and good food. I'm living unapologetically for the first time ever. Life's too short to sugarcoat the truth or be unhappy. Welcome to the TRUTH. Please feel free to leave a comment, I love fresh perspective and intelligent debate.

We the People

This inauguration day morning I feel like I am about to march into battle. The sadness and somberness of the occasion are palpable. It is so thick in the air that I feel like I can't breathe.I hope the light from above guides us all over these next four years because it’s going to get [...]

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How Scrambled Eggs Turned Me Into a Sexual Deviant

Or as I like to say, the truest marriage story ever told. Marriage is different for every single couple. We all have these preconceived notions of what a marriage should look like based on what we experienced within in our own family. For me, my parents’ marriage looked like two people who loved each other, [...]

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How to Live with Your Heart Walking Around Outside of Your Body

This post is sponsored by Disney’s Pinocchio. All opinions and the wish for my child are my own. Ever think about what your greatest wish for your child might be? Do you want them to be smart? Successful? Healthy? Happy? Good human beings? Maybe all of thee above. When I was a child, I thought [...]

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Blackish Turns Trump Lemons into Lemonade

Do you watch Blackish? We do. It’s one of those shows that we watch as a family the day after it airs because simply put, we can personally relate to many of the topics of the show but none more than this week’s episode, “Lemons.” In 30 minutes, Blackish brilliantly covered everything that I’ve felt [...]

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Mom Low Point: Realizing Maybe You’re Doing Parenting All Wrong

Have you ever had a mom low point that was so rough that it knocked you right back on your butt and made you feel like you were doing absolutely everything wrong? Being a mom is hard. I mean question yourself, cry after they go to bed, guilt-ridden, love them so fiercely that sometimes it [...]

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Racially Motivated Kidnapping and Torture of Mentally Disabled Man in Chicago

Earlier this week in Chicago, four 18-year-old African Americans abducted, beat and tortured a Caucasian mentally disabled man. While one perpetrator,  Brittany Herring,  Facebook lived the entire thing her boyfriend, Jaenone Eblock, tortured the victim.Talk about being Throat Punch Thursday worthy. Calling the video and what happened violent and disturbing is an understatement. It was brutality at its [...]

Easy TIps to Get Healthy in the New Year

Time to get healthy. It’s that time of year again when I’m not quite sure what day it is and my jeans no longer fit. Even the jeggings are being pushed to their limits. Well, technically, I can still zip my skinny jeans but they are functioning more like a tourniquet these days than actual [...]

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Netflix Binge Watching Recs for Your Winter Break Sanity

Thank God for Netflix. If you are like me, you are just about winter break-ed out(or is that broken? Because I’m feeling pretty broken right about now) of your kids. We needed the break, no doubt but we’ve done the family time thing and the sleeping in and the movies with a tween girl sleepover [...]

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A Mother’s Love Knows No Bounds

Tuesday was a somber day and Wednesday was even worse, the world lost two amazing, strong women who happen to be mother and daughter, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. It has me doing a lot of thinking about my relationship with my own daughters. It has me assessing just how much I truly love them. [...]

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The Midlife Secret that will Instantly Change your Life

What the hell is midlife anyway? I mean, isn't it all just a matter of perspective? It's not the actual "middle of your life" now is it? I mean, it's no more accurate than saying you will die once you double the age you are when you get your wisdom teeth because some people don't [...]

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